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For example, if the Democrats nominated someone like Tulsi Gabbard, I might actually vote for someone like Huntsman or Kasich. Otherwise, probably not.
What specifically about Tulsi do you dislike, please don't tell me her looks :( ?

Is she really the worst?

Would you vote for Biden if he was the nominee?
--> @TheRealNihilist
No, she looks good. The grey streak is EVERYTHING...Besides, I would never vote for or against someone on the basis of their appearance. My objection to her is rooted in the fact that I don't believe her evolution from conservative to liberal was authentic. This article does a good job of discussing that transition. I don't trust her to be anything but a noninterventionist moderate on all issues except healthcare, and that's not really what I want. At that point, I might as just well vote for a noninterventionist moderate like Huntsman or Kasich, who has much more experience in government than she does. A Gabbard vs. Huntsman campaign would really challenge me, and I am not sure how I would vote.

I will vote for Biden, not because he is my first or second or third choice, but because Trump is so utterly atrocious that pretty much anyone would be a better alternative.