Good Superbowl Bets?

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I am planning on placing a total of 2 bets before the season starts.

I might make another one of these threads if the odds significant change for some teams.

The goal here is to win at least 1,000 dollars, so Patriots and Chiefs are out of the question.

Bet 1 will be me selecting a team with a lower projected chance to win the Superbowl. Must be above 16 to 1 odds. I have thought about the Seahawks and Vikings as viable options, but am leaning towards Seattle bc Pete Carroll has Superbowl experience and they always seem to catch up even when they start out weak. They also have DK Metcalf now.

Bet 2 is an insurance pick. So while it must be 1,000 dollars or above, it can't be over 16 to 1 odds. Chargers are considered but they are more of a "best team on paper" type while also are inexperienced in the playoffs and their QB isn't getting any younger. Saints are revenge lusted and Eagles have some experience in the last 2 years. Colts are my dark horse team and I think that Luck has things figured out and could lead a SB run. 

Go Colts!
--> @Mharman
I enjoy watching Luck play. If he and the defense stay healthy they will be frightening. 
--> @DapperMack
A good bet to place could be the Ravens. They could get a wild card spot
--> @SupaDudz
Considering their 40 to 1 odds, they are not a bad pick at all.
Eagles also have a great o-line after getting Andre Dillard 
--> @Mharman
Go Colts!