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--> @Discipulus_Didicit

If you mean in a legal sense for all the jail time Bojack might be potentially facing then I don't see how any of these characters could be implicated. If we do get an actual trial in the justice system all are likely to appear as character witnesses.
Because PC helped cover up the Gina thing. I'm not sure how much Diane knew about New Mexico. Todd was aware Bojack was using and of his relationship with Sara Lynn.
--> @Annie_ESocialBookworm
In the assult case Gina did intentionally choose not to press charges because in her words "I don't want you to be the awkward question I get asked at interviews for the rest of my career." It's possible that PC had a hand in helping Gina reach that conclusion but it was Gina's choice as a fully grown adult either way. If she changes her mind later and decides to press charges PC has nothing to worry about from a legal standpoint.

The drug case with Todd is less clear. Obviously if Dr. Hu came forward and talked about the night that Todd shared drugs with BJ and Sarah Lynn there could be trouble for that but I don't think that just being aware of Bojack using and not doing anything about it is illegal in any way. Covering up BJs involvement in Sara Lynns death might be a different story but I don't think Todd knew anything about that.

In Diane's case the only way for it to come out that she knew about New Mexico is if Ana came forward and revealed that she gave Diane the tape of BJs confession. I don't think this is likely though Ana may have made a copy of the tape and come forward with that against BJ. I don't think there is enough info on the tape to make Diane complicit anyway.

So in PC and Dianes case I think the answer is clear-cut that they are not in any legal trouble. Todd's case depends largely on Dr. Hu coming forward (actually quite likely given his change of heart after Sarah Lynn's death) and him actually remembering about Todd existing on the night he sold drugs to BJ and Sarah Lynn (not as likely in my opinion. Definitely something the writers could gloss over without breaking my suspension of disbelief).
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