If We Had No Math

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If we had no math you would know all your children's names, but you wouldn't know how many you have. If we had no math not much would be possible. Nothing requiring numbers would exist. Pages in a book could not be numbered and the number of pages would be unknown. We could not measure anything and technology could not exist. When I think about it having no math seems utterly impossible.

If you mean the 1-10 system, (denary counting) then that's solely a social construct because for some reason the humans found '5' easy to remember and chunk things by and they figured 5 was too small but 5*2 was a good amount to make the minimum amount before you go to the '10'.

If you mean mathematics in and of itself, you are correct but no more so than someone who says without language the very same thing would be true. In fact, language is more essential than mathematics if one wants to comprehend ideas or use the information that is garnered mathematically, in a creative and/or extensive way.
--> @Paul
If you didn't know how many children you had, how would you know that they had different names?

The fact is, you would have an appreciation of number irrespective of math.
--> @Paul
Math always exist, no matter the universe