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--> @PressF4Respect
you can laugh as you like, you will not get even a quarter of the results that I did unless you directly refer to me and that you want to prove me wrong, in which case you'll get around 14 likes based on my predictions and general site analysis. I got 33, didn't like the post I made myself for what it's worth.
--> @RationalMadman
What was your post worth?

It was a clickbait-y farce, about as genuine as Laura Lee's apology video. 
--> @PressF4Respect
You read less into it than was meant to be read, not more. It was more genuine than you realise but you think only in terms of 'quit or not' so I will let you think as you like.
--> @Pinkfreud08, @Club, @bmdrocks21
--> @oromagi
What did I do?
--> @bmdrocks21
you failed to participate in Pizza Mafia's mass claim.  Go there and claim now, please.

--> @oromagi
Just did.
Cmon people now
smile on your brother
everybody get together 
try to like my milker right now
If you like this post you will become an epic gamer
Like this
23 days later
[milking sounds]
mnuh. mnooah.  Moooooooooooooooooooo!


--> @oromagi
I think the cow's already dead
--> @PressF4Respect
the cow needs 5 more thumbs up....

......its butt.
--> @oromagi

--> @PressF4Respect

23 days later
Please.....like me.
Like me now, NOW
Hello! Please like me xD
--> @DebateArt.com, @Virtuoso
this topic is cheating and should be deleted.
--> @RationalMadman
As long as people are having fun here, it's fine by me, that's what those medals were created for. But I am not a mod, that's up to Virt.