Errors atheists commonly make

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Atheism is just a lack of belief that a God exists.

Atheism isn't a worldview.
As always I must argue that these are not errors. I do not believe in any god(s) so I am therefore an atheist. I do not know with certainty that no god(s) exist so I am also therefore agnostic. When you falsely equate agnosticism  which concerns itself only with knowledge, or at least the claim of knowledge, with atheism which concerns itself only with belief, you are muddying the waters.

There is no evidence of God.
You could claim that the fact that anything exists is evidence for some god(s) but it is equally evidence of universe creating pixies and spaghetti monsters or even just evidence that things can in fact happen spontaneously with no cause.

You could say that evidence exists that had convinced you that some god(s) must exist but you clearly mean a very different thing than I  do when I say that I can provide evidence that gravity exists. 

Science evidences atheism.
If any atheists say this then they misunderstand what science is for but I feel this may actually be a mischaracterization of the argument "science does not evidence any god" which is true.
You can't prove a negative.
Again it is true that some negatives can be proven (specifically those that violate physical law) but surely you realize that atheists who use this argument are referring to a very specific kind of claim. For example you cannot prove conclusively that the universe when viewed from the outside does not form a perfect four dimensional model of Jay Leno's head because the universe cannot be viewed from the outside and so no contrary evidence exists for the idea.