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I have to go, an emergency restricts me from accessing the site.

Thank you for the good times, DART!

I'mma miss you guys.

You came to a site to write about what's right,
To fight for your opinion, stand by its side with pride,
But the sun inside you flickered weakly and the things that you let slide weren't enough to weather the storm of the tornado you hide,
You're struggling with puzzles, keep your muzzled anguish from seeing light,
You'd rather everyone thought you sane, than the pain that comes with burning bright...

Just conform to the norm and blend in, mimic dirty tactics, and practice bending the rules until all the fools start spending time and effort giving you wins, you're fending for the same thing you came to the site to escape...
The inability to express your real thoughts and debate,
You end up even more trapped and perhaps it's just your fate,
To post raps and traps and cat a mouse until you fuckin' break,
Even when you trap 'em the voters punish you for their mistake,
Where the fuck's the justice in this game? Grudges hold strong; new account... Even dirtier slate...

Don't worry Club, I promise you the brutality isn't just there for you it's for anyone with originality,
This website is designed for only ordinary views to be recycled viciously; sidestep and get abused,
This aint a fair game, play nice get bruised, play too mean and you get vampire voters sipping your blood for juice,
Burn bright Club, stay unique and let what seems pathetic here in the real world get used,
You're a beautiful competitor that's worth something a lot more than Rating and Views.
--> @NotClub
I hope everything is alright with you. Hope to see you back here some time in the future.
I'mma miss you too :,(
--> @RationalMadman, @bsh1, @WaterPhoenix, @NotClub
did u die?
--> @NotClub
bai :(
the new name sucks really bad
--> @NotClub
I hope things are well, my friend. Hope to see you soon!