Who are the best and worst Left and right wing figures.

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I mean guys like David Pakman or Steven Crowder when I say "figures."

Guys I like----

-Ben Shapiro
-David Pakman
-Tim Pool
- Steven Crowder

best right wing

Limbaugh(the og)
Steven Crowder

Best Left Wing:
Karl Marx

--> @Dr.Franklin
Cool, do you enjoy any left wingers or no.

--> @PressF4Respect
lol, he is the goat.
--> @Trent0405
How left is or is not right?
--> @Trent0405
A right-wing shill that I actually enjoy watching and who I feel has a lot of valid points, despite how he twists them, is Jordan Peterson. I genuinely agree with him on many things.
--> @RationalMadman
I too find Jordan Peterson interesting, I enjoy his left wing rival Sam Harris as well.
Tucker Carlson is my boy!
For left wing, Kyle Kulinski is occasionally correct, depending on the issue. 
I can not stand left wing of any sorts. I do not agree with any left wingers. The best imo was the one that focused on Trump the least
--> @SupaDudz
No left or right wing figures are close to perfect, David Pakman, a rational leftist calls everyone white supremacists sadly. Crowder and Shapiro spend too much time on the far left, and Tim pool is way too hyperbolic.
--> @bmdrocks21
Tucker is very cool, I think he's far more genuine than most other news anchors. His debates with Cenk Uygur did a lot for me in particular.

Kyle is a guy I used to watch when I saw a video of his talking about religion, haven't watched him in ages though.
--> @Trent0405
Yeah, of all news anchors, Tucker really seems to be the closest to what conservatism ought to be.

As for Kyle, his foreign policy ideas are generally right. I also think that lobbying is a problem. In terms of his economic and social policies, he is almost always wrong.
He is kind of the opposite of Ben Shapiro for me. I hate Ben's interventionist foreign policy, but his economics are on point.

Worst left wing=Bill Maher

--> @bronskibeat
Bill Maher used to be a leftist when he was fighting against interventionism and corporatism. Not anymore. He’s a sell-out. 
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Ann Coulter