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Illest Diva

Who in the hell are you to step to a Vet of online debating like me I'm a Satan-resembling threat,
I am as ill as it gets, period and you better not've bet money on any who have fucked with me yet,
I'll admit Bench won, Zeichen too that's true but in the long game I'm the alpha wolf in this zoo,
Truth is that mercy never was my thing, I was cursed with adversity but here's a class so listen in:
The curse is a gift, it's destined me to win so better piss yourself if you don't kiss this ring,
I'm the best since izbo at raising a ruckus in here,
Wanna mess this Pro? You're a dumbass my dear,
Dance at this disco, you gon' pray I come near 'cause I'm the illest Diva you gon' dance with this year.

--> @Smithereens
oh be I no colin leslie dean nor wouldst have thee think that I he be I be but an attendant to such as he that use the rhythms and rhymes ast some easy tool to woo those shes such line full of sense and some obtuseness at times sublime and at times humorous but ahh at no time the fool oh oh though grow old with the buttons of the fly of I undone with piss weey smell with no hair to part but I will still dare to eat some cunt peach-like whenst offered I for have I heard the cries of women like mermaids in orgasmic delight sighing each to each and each
to me for they sing to I of delight oh hast seen I those women riding head thrown back with cries like mermaids riding the waves of the sea their hair o’er the waves blown back ast the wind and their cries blow the waters into froth and foam white as the spoof I do blow oh oh those women doeth see I wreathed in semen dew about their tits and white bright necks oh the women and I linger in the afterglow languor of lust that no human voce canst stir us fromst the bliss we be drown in

32 days later
got some swag in my bag 

no mags and no frags 

life is a drag 

unless your internet lags 

dont fvck with my clique 

or well catch you like a mit 

make you smell our pits

until you think its legit 

i dont make threats 

on the internet 

im a peaceful man 

but if you thought that you could test 

swag in my bag

yeah its pretty gnarly 

i got homies on your back 

tell your son good luck charlie 

yeah im pretty cool 

catch you in a school 

pull up with the water 

flow just like a pool 

bang bang 

dang dang 

gang gang 

flow like a dragon sting like a bee amirite
--> @armoredcat @SupaDudz

this is how to school a punk

And notwithstanding all the vagaries of time and space
And all matter.
I like to think
In her final moment
As all suffering dissipated
And her eyes opened
She new I was there.

--> @zedvictor4

Zed victor what's the time? What's that look on your face?
I'm here, a real alien from outer space,
What's it matter what all that is is made from? ("is is" is intentional)
Why worry why the cold's cold when you're home, safe and warm?
Why question the serenity, forever pondering a storm,
Good weather is good weather whether or not it can transform.

Fate is fate, and if it's real, it's done,
You're coded start-to-finish in zeros and ones.
If it's randomness that matter is, then to solve it would take a dunce,
The answer is no answer, organised chaos all at once,
You're inquisitive, aspiring to solved what's not a problem,
A cock's a cock and that won't stop even when it is not throbbin',
So you question why this happens, wonder how it came to be,
It's like you want to decode the Kraken but you're trapped far out at sea,
The answer isn't easy, thing is it's impossible, truly,
As soon as you answer what made everything, the God's not in reality,
Questioning the lies that NASA tells us; sphere-Earth, gravity,
This is a simulation, on that we can agree but we need to see eye to eye on more before the search has completed fully.

Dance with me in the rain under the pale moonlight
for the wolves are howling our melody tonight
her graceful bow lit by the moonlights spell
cast a lovely silhouette of a ballerina in her music box
our hands lightly touch the milky way in her eye
she softly tunes my heart to the sound of the tinkle bells
so then i prayed stars in the sky i pray to you tonight
hear my prayers so she can eternally be mine
then in one swift dizzying movement to her eyes
the winds gentle whisper in the night sky
i kissed her neck and stopped all time. 

19 days later

Too many wanna use the site only for the forums,
Too worried about toes they step on, they adore decorum, or are trollin',
I aint sayin' they're whack, I ain't one to abhor them but the problem's I'm solvin' to stay at the top's unlike anything, as a baby I skipped over the crawlin',
I dragged one leg around for months, and suddenly I stood, 18 months in brain damaged? Na, just a natural planner, Underwood,
Bruce Banner in childhood, misunderstood, who the fuck knew that I could grow so calm, yet aggressive, mess with me? I'm refined steel, you plywood,
The time I got banned, I was a whiny little boy, thought I was a man with a plan, but the ploy disappointed my allies, simply anointed my foes,
Truth is I was clueless, delusional, sinkin' burnin', but from the ash I arose.

You see, I wasn't the type to say fuck it, I lost man, I'm done,
This soldier maintained composure, 'til he could call all Generals 'son',
A bad idea to be fuckin' with, run up on me, you're done,
'Cause even if you backstab me with success, I'll suffer through anything, go through months o' no fun,
I'll wrap my hands up in bandages, do handstands with my thumbs, 'til you're a moon that's reflecting on how you're sonned by this sun,
Fuck all my haters, they're laughing, but fact's don't come apart or undone,
Their opinions melt away as I raise that rating, mass-debating 'till I cum in these nuns,
It's not evil if they liked it right? Watery holes squirt so boldly, slick with the force, Obi Wan,
Slippery caverns unopened' 'til Moses here parted C's with the U-N-T closely behind, watch 'em run,
From sweat comes blood, noobs scream eulogies as I snipe 'em so young,
I'm no vampire you slay away, I'm more like a lycanthrope or a Titan you summon,
I'm that trick up you're sleeve; nuclear government-button.
You use me, I impress but once I'm done, my rays gon' fuck you up, Cullen.

problem's is correct, it was a play on words and is why i said "top's" and not '"top are"

fact's was a typo though, should be facts.
--> @RationalMadman
That's a sick beat. And... 'till I cum in these nuns," Lol... sick line. You are making me want to write a rap. I usually do poetry, but i guess it's not too different. I'mma have to go into the man cave, take a drink of absinthe, and paint the walls black once insanity has taken grip ;) ... 
(Alternative lyrics to Amazing Grace)

Should rampart break and bulwark fail
Come fiery darts my way
The host of Heaven shall prevail
And rescue me that day

My child to Sheol bequeath
Before she left the womb
The sureties of my God shall keep
And raise her from the tomb
--> @Outplayz
Check my R1 here:

Standing out isn’t an option
You’re too weird
Fashion? Just be trendy
That’s not cool
It isn’t what we want
So you change
Change everything
Because you want to be their friend
You want to impress
Not degrees
Fitting in
Just fit in
And then you will get in
To the club
To the gang
To the team
To the group
Do this
Do that
I’m not comfortable with that
Well I want to be in
So I’ll do it
If it makes me fit in
And be cool
You do it
And it goes wrong
Your life ruined
Brain damaged
But the damage was not your fall
It was your choice
You don’t have to fit in
You can be yourself
Yourself was cool enough
This wasn’t cool
No future, no friends
That’s not cool

49 days later

there's that moment
between the flapping
and the fall:
the old neanderthal
husk flutters up,
gripped by the mass
of matter's thrall.

once leveled off
and rothko we suspend
our worry on the width of wings:
all dark and heavy
things float soft above
the fluff struck dumb.

sunward pulling, trailing vapor,
wake and waking find
a thousand miles displaced:
a space more sensible
by the change of range,
mute chains of rain.

after the burn
but before the sinking
sets: inhaling indigo
in that moment,
then we go.

124 days later
59 days later
142 days later
--> @janesix
Click the link in my bio for all my poems
--> @SupaDudz
The Philosopher Jack
  1. By os-jbug

The philosopher with the philosophy,
Ascended a hill in search of greater wisdom,
On his trek he began to suspect,
Twas the journey that made him much wiser.

Jack and Jill went up a hill,
Too see what lay beyonder,
At the top of the hill, Jill took a spill,
And Jack fell gently upon her.

The horse and sheep went up a hill,
Too find some greener pasture,
They ate some grass, took a nap,
And dreamed of cosmic laughter.

Our Science and Spirit Approached a hill,
In search of that which mattered,
Some facts were found, some beliefs were challenged,
And the hill remains unshattered

--> @SupaDudz
Lunatics by Night
...By Ebuc...

Lunatics by night,
Beating their drums,
Singing their songs,
Burning their fires,
Stirring their spirits,
And the wind felt breezes,
Of their shadowy souls.

Solartics by day,
Rising before dawn,
Out before the morning fawn,
Seeking a caffeine buzz,
Stirring their spirits,
And the wind felt breezes,
Of their air-conditioned souls.

Lunatics by night,
Solartics by day,
Pass the other,
Asleep in the hay,
Their minds afray,
After 12 hours,
Of having their say.

Having their midnight hour of fun,
Their midday hour of recovery,
Are they truly anima,
Or just animus,
Traveling the city,
Perhaps in a bus,
Searching for Gusto.

No Gusto to be found,
Perhaps its gone underground,
Could be its a religous holiday,
No one has to pay,
The spirit has been freed,
The soul has been laid,
To rest.

For the lunatics of the night,
And the Solartics of the day,
A place for all souls,
And soul-like entities,
To find their stillpoint,
Their perfection,
Their peace of mind.

I am one,
Of many complex interrelationships,
Held in tenisonal-integrity
Between two opposite viewpoints,
Staring the other, Into the depths.

The lunatics and solartics,
Emerge from their wombs,
Lost in the expereince,
Found in their current moment,
They weep softly,
For the love of the other,
And smile greatly,
For the love,
And the living,
Of that experience .

Cross my path,
Oh sparklings of moonlight,
And sunlight.

I am awaken to a vision of the soul,
It crosses my path and enters me.
I am one with them,
They are many within me,
Together we travel,
As two or more,
Embracing all manner of spirit,
We search for Gusto,
By day or by night,
To the ends,
Of the one,

--> @ebuc
Some nice poetry indeed
--> @SupaDudz
Lifes Irregularities” [ a poemetry based on geometry) ebuc...

A perfect circle( 2-Dimensional area )
Slices through at midsection( equatorial bisection )
A pure sphere( 3-Dimensional volume )
And attracts the attention( quantum observation )
Of a nearly neutral mind( judgemental quantification ).

Life sputters( aberration as order )
Stars spasm( aberration as disorder )
Inward we are pulled( division-by-inversion )
Outward we evolve( multiplication-by-division ).

Mother nature( Universe/God-ess-ence )
Experiences irregularity( dis-equilibrium )
And what was a waff( wave pattern )
Becomes a waffle( physics/physical  Observed Time /\/\/\/ ).

A quivered matrix( vibrating points, angle and frequency )
Comes into sight( energetic aberration )
A patterned 4, maybe more( polyvertexia of 12 angles and 4 vertexia )
Interrelated, in-da-net( omni-embracing Gravity net (  )(  )  }.

E = Mc2, E = mail( trancievance/transmutation )
Eeeeeeeeeeee!( Yaarrrrkkkkk! )
Equals sound( transposed as text )
Even in silence( nearly silent ).

Return too neutral( stillpoint ),
Pure and perfect( absolute truth ),
Return too sender( recursive/recycling/regenerative Universe ),
And the spirit of respect( omni-consideration ).
--> @ebuc
You are a very talented poet
--> @ebuc @Outplayz @RationalMadman @zedvictor4
I am surprised beyond measure at how good your poetry is!

Who would have thought it? I can't hold the truth, very classy poetry gentlemen.
--> @ethang5
They Call Me Gem .ebuc...

perhaps a diamond in the dip
casting Rubies onto the road
pearls from the sea
silica out of quartz
crystalline tears
protein bells
pie in the sky?


a sandstone humus
combing my terra-cognitive
loosening the pebbles in my brain
absorbing the fungus among-us
feasting on moonlit vegetation
bathing in the algae and bacteria
I liquefy and evaporate,
towards a cosmic heaven.

--> @SupaDudz

Words abound,
And then there are,
So many more concepts,
Than there are words.

Words within,
There exists so much more meaning,
Than there are concepts,
Within the language of words.

Words without,
So many words,
Lacking depth of expression,
As felt in our soul.

Words of intellect,
The philosophers tool,
Spinning our thoughts and our thinking,
While orbiting all truths.

Words of observation,
Such varied perceptions,
From similar sensorial experiences,
Of our known reality.

Words upon words,
Baffles the mind,
Inside-outs our consciousness,
And fulfills our needs.

Words of war,
Words of peace,
Words have power,
Words help us release.

Words to our music,
Words come in our sleep,
Words all around us,
Words make us weep.

Words have a function,
Words guide us the way,
Words fill our minds,
Words give us our say.