Unisex Bathrooms In High School

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I didn't even read through the replies before posting that. Not sure why but that is an insanely rare answer to your question. I've seen this asked multiple times on multiple sites - many on DDO - and it's actually uncommon to get a response like that.

I think the main reason people don't bring this up is that the people who are asking for unisex washrooms usually don't "identify" with male or female. They're "non-binary," or agender or whatever, so they don't think about stereotypical males and females.

But you're right, nobody wants to talk about negaitive natural emotions in men or women because they'll come off as a bigot and have their life ruined forever. So glad we could finally get this outrageous opinion out in the open that teenage boys and girls in the same private, unmonitored, confined area could be potentially dangerous.

High five us :five:
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It's always risky to like someone on the net, as they sometimes turn up on some thread supporting child rape and Satan worship. But what the heck. I like the way you see things.

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Good. Join my Satanic child raping cult.

Or should I say, the DNC


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Thanks though. Same to you, lol
My campus has a bunch of gender-neutral bathrooms that anyone can use. I know I've used them once or twice when I was about to blow something up...

...let's just say the dining hall food has dropped considerably in quality
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Because women and men are different. Just in my personal life, I can't think of a single woman who would want unisex bathrooms. Some of them, whom I know through work, family, and as friends, get annoyed if they find out that a man has even used their restroom. This isn't a generational thing, it's pretty across the board. When girls go into their bathroom to wash up, they like a space without pressure, where they can know that it's okay to look a bit rough or not up to the nines without a boy seeing them and judging them for it. It's kind of complicated, but in a lot of ways it acts as 'neutral territory' in this constant silent battle between women who are often in a state of polite competition that is difficult for men to understand. You can't just take something like human behavior and sentiment and apply a cost-benefit analysis to it. It's informed by a person's memories, culture, and other deep-seated sentiments that will always take precedence over something like utilitarianism or idealistic moral prescriptions.

Is this a complaint that you get from women whom you know? Are they bent out of shape because there aren't enough men in their bathrooms?
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> The answer seems to be, "no reason at all".

Conservative parents can't handle the idea of letting a trans person use the bathroom let alone abolishing the concept of gendered bathrooms. That's why it won't happen - parents would complain too much.
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So it's more a trans thing, than a simple gender thing?
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I don't represent them, I was just pointing out the levels of inability which are held fast by social ignorance. Some may realize that unisex includes trans people, but the general argument against trans is a fear of a male pervert around women and children. With unisex that social barrier is gone, thus potentially increasing the odds of an assault. Even if the argument is frivolous it still applies to unisex compared to just letting passing trans people use the bathroom of their choice.
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Not having unisex bathrooms is not a form of segregation or discrimination. It’s simply that the two genders work differently and they don’t necessarily want to be near each other while going to the bathroom.
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given the physical comparison of urinals to toilets, urinals must be much cheaper to make and maintain, so at the very least a separate room for those would make sense.  i'd have to be pretty desperate to use a public toilet.
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I don't know. We should do it. Then you can have a bunch of teenage boys jacking off to every girl sound they hear in the bathroom with them. Girls will have to have a silence code when entering bathrooms lol. Be quiet or some horny teen will jack off to their voice. It takes very little to set a horny ass teen off. Man... that would be so awkward. I don't know why any women would ask for equality in the bathroom... unless they are aspiring future porn stars. This all besides the point it will be much easier for sick men to rape / sexually abuse women. In any case... it isn't illegal, at least in California i'm sure, that says a guy can't use women's bathroom or vice versa. It's just frowned upon.  
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Do separate bathrooms teach kids that we see boys and girls as not equal?
Gender equality is a lie. We're all different, not equal. I don't see males and females as equals, nor will I treat them as such. I treat a man like a man, and a woman like a woman. That's why we have separate bathrooms. Not only that, but, as Outplayz said, there will likely be sexual harassment if we did have same-sex bathrooms. Sure, some countries and states may have them, but not all of them do.
I would let buildings decide for themselves if they want to have gender neutral bathrooms or not.  State's rights applied to buildings.

Contrived social hang-ups will persist for as long as inconsistent conditioning persists..

It's no good expecting people to accept something without question, when they haven't been conditioned to behave in that way.
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"Thank you for your truthful and realistic answer. Can you imagine, in a convo about why not unisex bathrooms in highschool, no one mentions the reality of why there aren't?"
Ok besides several grammatical mistakes, there are a few more holes in your case.
"no one mention the reality of why there aren't?" 
Great way of saying
"You're right and I'm just salty that I can't defend that"
We've had no issue with having non unisex bathroom for ages, why should we change? You just provide points of why we can't, not why we should do it. To be honest, not to offend anyone, it's getting pretty crazy in the 21st century where you attack non unisex bathrooms for apparently "segregating" the two sexes. I'm not offended at all that there's A MALE AND A FEMALE RESTROOM! Who the heck cares.

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I agree with Mister_Man, boys are going through puberty, and some random idiots are going to take advantage of the fact that they share the same bathrooms.
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