Petroleumm Blues

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Petroleum Blues

The blood in my veins,
Leaves a nasty stain,
When i blow my nose,
The company knows,
Im a macho man.

I breath carbon soot,
I eat uranium dust,
When i fart,
Atoms split apart,
I'm a macho man.

I drank lots of gas in my gas station days,
Petroleum makes a kind of beautiful haze,
Some people want, to leave it in the ground,
Don't they know, it makes the world go round,
I'm a macho man.

Its God great gift to the human race,
Its a spiritual thing this petroleum case,
Its capital explosion for you and me,
It will trickle on out to all six billion and three,
I'm a mahco man.

SUV’s dont bother me,
Gas we get from a petro tree,
It flows and flows no end in sight,
I'm a macho man.

The industrial age has brought us real far,
The industrial age has brought us the car,
It seems mass transit is good for some,
Messing with my auto is a messing with my gun,
I'm a macho man.

Peace, love and happiness,
Fills my brain when i step on the gas,
You may smell a petroleum fume,
My atomic engine is a coming real soon,
I'm a macho man

--> @mustardness
Lulz. Shameless polluter poem. Cute.

On a serious note, it often hits me how crazy it is that the whole world runs on such a finite and exhaustible resource. And one that will leave us with a ruined environment when it finally runs out.

Not to say only oil and carbon emissions are to blame for that. We must give credit to cow farts. So many cow farts. Cow farts errywhere. Their name is legion, for they are many.
--> @Castin
how crazy it is that the whole world runs on such a finite and exhaustible resource.
Yeah, as Fuller often pointed out, there are no guurantees humanity will be a success on extending their existence here after becoming in global humanity via sea-travel by British { immoral savages } Empire. 

1492 > 1592 > 1692 > 1792 > 1892 > 2092? That is five century's of a global  earth humanity awareness.

“Earth-Rap Poetry”

This here poem,
Is kinda long,
If you are good,
Then sing it like a song.

Its an earth-rap poem
An has some rhyme,
Easy to write,
Takes a little time.

Planet earth,
Is real fine place,
Home for da bugs,
And the human race.

It’s covered with water,
That’s H20,
An awesome blue planet,
In space it glows.

A blue-green machine,
Thats friggin alive,
Pumping and breathing,
And thats no jive.

Is not just a word,
It’s the way of life,
Or had you heard.

Living in the dirt,
Too much sun
Really makes-em hurt.

It’s more than a rock,
It shakes and rolls,
Got deep oil wells
And chemical holes.

Beans and meat,
Are what we grow,
Pollution we seed,
Is what we sow.

Oil, coal
And carbon soot,
Real bad stuff,
Is gettin underfoot.

I don’t want scare,
Or do no harm,
I think more folks,
Ought to be alarmed.

There’s radiation,
Ionising us,
No place to escape,
got to ride this bus.

By now you think,
I like to complain,
Want you know,
Livin on Earth ain’t no game.

Come on people,
Don’t be afraid,
Speak your mind,
Get out of your cage.

Grow some food,
Or vegetate,
Head for the garden,
Ain’t never too late.

Six billion strong,
Is a lot a steam,
Come on people,
And join our team.

Do the locomotive,
And oscillate,
Rasie your spirits,
No time to hate.

Life comes in waves
Sometimes your on top,
Ride that surf,
Till it comes to a stop.

Livin on the earth,
Is all we know,
Caring for the earth,
Is coming kinda slow.

It’s a planet,
That needs a rebirth,
Come on people,
Lets think about the Earth.

I’m a Greens-bean,
I’m an Eco-nut,
Living in a forest,
In a shell called hut.

I eat tofu,
And rasin bread,
Those sweet tasty greens,
Are going to my head.

--> @Castin
Overpopulation will destroy the environment, not oil.

--> @Greyparrot
Overpopulation will destroy the environment, not oil.

"overpopulation" is correlated to the systems-of-operation ---bicycles or hummer-V's---   and whether they are sustainable for longer term.

Wind and sun have long term viability. Coal, nukes and oil do not.

"overpopulation" is also correlated to standard-of-living in conjunction with sources of power production.

"overpopulation" is also correlated to all of the above and how much food and fresh water can be maximally produced balanced to how much area-volume -space for humans, that is not a food oriented space-area-volume.

So that is three factors opening factors to consider regarding human and animal populations on Earth.

I know that in WW2, if not in modern day,  the sailors bunked in hammocks above and below the torpedos where they worked on a submarine.

In Hong Kong and many third world country the family lives in the shop they operate their business out of.

I'm sure there are models that have a lot of this graphed out various scenarios via data harvested and process in various apps if not games.

Bucky Fullers 1960's World Game and its offshoots

...".By translating core elements of the global economy into cards, chips, folders and other familiar objects, the Global Simulation Workshop allows players of all ages and backgrounds to act naturally, trust their instincts and teach each other, while simulating thirty years of future socio-economic history."....


109 days later
--> @Castin
It's the fossil fuels, which are probably preventing another ice age by adding dinosaur farts into the atmosphere, much of which is CO2 that tends to accumulate around the polar regions where there is less photosynthesis, which according to the greenhouse effect causes ice to melt, releasing more gasses.

The world runs on petroleum because it is economical way to transfer stored energy for mobile working (work=force×distance) devices, and once the supply/demand changes the industry will naturally adapt.  The problem with oil is not that it is finite, but that it is so unevenly distributed.

--> @Plisken
my contribution is to point out that cow farts are not a big problem... 85-90% of cow-based methane emissions are cow burps.

15 days later
--> @keithprosser
85-90% of cow-based methane emissions are cow burps.

So 100% of cow methane is still 100% and that does not include the industry involved with it.

Ex #1} the amount of amazon rainforest cut for logging every day, and then the cattle farmers move in to further degrade  what ecology remains.

Welcome to the free market

..."Cattle Ranching in the Amazon Region

.....Cattle ranching is the largest driver of deforestation in every Amazon country, accounting for 80% of current deforestation rates. Amazon Brazil is home to approximately 200 million head of cattle, and is the largest exporter in the world, supplying about one quarter of the global market.

...Low input cost and easy transportation in rural areas make ranching an attractive economic activity in the forest frontier; low yields and cheap land encourage expansion and deforestation. Approximately 450,000 square kilometers of deforested Amazon in Brazil are now in cattle pasture.

....Cattle ranching and soy cultivation are often linked as soy replaces cattle pasture, pushing farmers farther into the Amazon."....

51 days later
--> @mustardness
hooray for poetry
--> @Greyparrot
Overpopulation will destroy the environment, not oil.
Come back when you can grasp the intimate and unfortunate relationship between those two and many others relating to overpopulation.

More Free Condoms For Young Adults

Keep Abortion Legal

Sex Education For Our Youth

--> @mustardness
More Free Condoms For Young Adults

Keep Abortion Legal

Sex Education For Our Youth

This is moving the goalposts.  I also know that you don't like to compromise even if it is a policy based compromise.  You have a my way or the highway attitude and this is poor conduct.
19 days later
--> @Castin
Hmm what would you say if I said there are cheap simple solutions to reverse global warming without reducing carbon emissions at all?
--> @Titanium
Hmm what would you say if I said there are cheap simple solutions to reverse global warming without reducing carbon emissions at all?
Big Blue Stem Prairie Grass best carbon sequestor

...."The discovery of Glomalin in 1996 improved our understanding of soil affinity for carbon. Glomalin is the superglue that soil uses to attract and hold carbon. Because of glomalin, prairie soils are able to sequester large amounts of carbon which over time changes the soil into Mollisol, a soil type found only under prairie grasslands.  Mollisol soil is extremely rich in organic matter and can extend to a depth of three feet."..

...."The roots of some prairie plants can extend to a depth of 10 feet or more. Various studies of the potential for tallgrass prairie carbon storage have shown that the storage rates vary between .30 and 1.7 metric tons per acre per year.  This storage ability is cumulative over time so prairie soil is able to sequester or store large volumes of carbon in a natural, safe, effective and reliable way compared to the risky and expensive practice of pumping CO2 underground.  An additional benefit of this “grassland carbon storage system” is that the sequestered carbon is supporting a lush prairie ecosystem above ground." See LINK...

..."But in today’s world, prairie needs to be recognized for its capacity to help reduce climate change by sequestering heat-trapping carbon from the atmosphere.

......Native grasses are a stable repository of carbon (see Figure 1). They create organic carbon below ground, much as trees create it above. Grasses store carbon quickly, providing an immediate mitigation against global warming, and the carbon is safely underground, secure from catastrophic events such as fire."...

HOWEVER, consider also this >>>>see LINK

...."The researchers found that having prairie grasses such as big bluestem, indiangrass, or switchgrass resulted in carbon gains when planted on productive soils. However, the same was not true for marginal soils, where all grasses, regardless of species or type, resulted in net carbon losses to the atmosphere.".....
..."The current path of global carbon emissions reveals grasslands as the only viable net carbon dioxide sink through 2101. And grasslands continue to store some carbon even during extreme drought simulations."....See LINK

Age ofCommon Sense
No oneknows, what future unfolds,
Rays oflight, colored with hope,
Dancingnano-energies, fulfilling our dreams,
Networksblooming spirit, far, wide and deep,
Let uspray, let us speak,
Lets us seeour humanity, from a global peak,
High oninformation, data streams galore,
Let usemanate great heart, from every pore.
No human ismisplaced, no biological not known,
The kidsstill growing, or already grown,
All is notperfect, cracks always appear,
The spiritof humankindness, helps relieve any fear.
Talk ischeap, inexpenive indeed,
Humanitytalks much, when in dire need,
Send me aphrase, or lines upon lines,
Free usfrom suspicion, and misinformation seeds.
We race toour end, or our recursive beginnings,
Mindsadvancing technologies, may help bridge the gap,
Betweendark-age of soot and the light age of Solar,
ItsHydrogen from light, and common-sense as the rap.
Unity stillevades us,
Divisionconquers all,
Day andnight provides the wind,
And waves, as  energetic squalls.

Global Energy Grid..... Bucky Fuller

The next World Wide Web will be a GlobalEnergy Grid see LINK
-- andit will transformeverything.

16 days later
--> @Titanium
Hmm what would you say if I said there are cheap simple solutions to reverse global warming without reducing carbon emissions at all?
I'd accept any method the IPCC researched and approved, really.

--> @Alec
This is moving the goalposts.  I also know that you don't like to compromise even if it is a policy based compromise.  You have a my way or the highway attitude and this is poor conduct.
Huh?  The "goal posts" are the longer term survival and prosperity of humans and the ecology that sustains them. You dont seem to understand that.
Yes I believe their some specific pathways { "highways" } that have this longer term resultant. 

Expressing Ourselves
With reasoning thought
As prose or verse in rhyme,
Some of us are labeled as Poets
Others as philosophers of the mind.
We follow our earnest endeavors
With expressive emotions in kind
True to hearts contentment
Through eterntys embracement of time.
Lost in our words with passion
As all good souls have befell
Seaching for those good ideas,
That ring true like a bell.
We seek the depths of knowledge,
Of whats known and unknown,
We follow a truly great pattern,
A tree of life we have grown.
Branching outward and inward,
May each bud have its say,
Our experiences are continually unfolding,
Throughout the night and each day.
Biology is recursivly recycling,
A regurgative mesh behold,
Of spirits and souls around us,
Exposed as flesh we grow old.
Pleasing all the people,
With concepts and some verse,
Is a challenge for comedians,
Philosophers, poets and worse.
Seek and ye shall find,
All through the historical ages,
All manner of verse and orator,
Mystical and spiritual sages,
Everywhere are to be found.
Words may carry great power,
Of an intense conceptual nature,
They penetrate our essence,
They define all nomenclature.
The rationale that follows
For a prose I combine and concoct,
Is to share a few insightful revelations,
Of mysteries I may unlock.
No, the poems are not simple,
In fact their very complex,
For those who do not grasp them,
May feel that they have been hexed.
Life's Universe can be awful pretty,
Or ugly and gulity as hell,
The way that I have defined it,
Is my own special spell.
Enough already you say!
Please give this reader a break,
From this philosophizing poet,
Whom i can hardly take.
Now you may feel kind reader,
That i have spoken enough,
Of ideas in prose and verse,
Now I sit and ponder
At how you may rebuff.