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Edit: this has become fun facts about my favourite animal post
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Did you know the plural of octopus is actually octopodes? 
--> @sui_generis
Octopodes have beaks 
--> @SupaDudz
What is your favorite animal?
I generally use "favourite" but grammarly changed it to "favorite" and now I'm sad. 
--> @Annie_ESocialBookworm
Hippopotamus's or Pandas
Fun fact: "spirit animal" is a term used by indigenous people, and it's important to them. So it's rather gucci for you to use "favourite animal" is you're a non-indigenous person! \(^_^ )/ #themoreweknow
--> @SupaDudz
Pandas are cute! 
--> @Annie_ESocialBookworm
That's why i like them
--> @SupaDudz
I like octopodes because they're really smart and they look really cool! When I get better at digital art, I wanna draw them! The tentacle texture looks challenging! 
--> @Annie_ESocialBookworm
They are cool sea animals
--> @SupaDudz
Would you rather be a sea, land, sky, or outer space animal?
--> @Annie_ESocialBookworm
--> @Annie_ESocialBookworm
I generally use "favourite" but grammarly changed it to "favorite" and now I'm sad. 
Change grammarly to british english spelling.

--> @Annie_ESocialBookworm
Being a space animal sounds lonely and dull, unless they are like the size of a galaxy and can swim across the universe to explore its depths. 

--> @Annie_ESocialBookworm
#1 best animal--Elephant

#2 best animal--Chimpanzee

#3 best animal--Lion

lemme be it

--> @Annie_ESocialBookworm
Annie_ESocialBookworm the internet says that octopodes is just one option; you can also use octopi and octopuses.

Also btw, Octopuses have blue blood and they have a big clump of neurons in each arm, so when an octopus wants it arm to do something it tells it what it wants done and the neuron clump in its arm will figure out how to, and there are lots of other weird things about octopuses. I'm writing a story about one.
Because of this, octopuses have been used to help scientists learn to use decentralized systems like the octopus's brain, and they taught scientists how to use hyper-redundant arms.
--> @LordLuke
I would love to read your story someday if you're up for it.