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I was playing DDO survivor and the first event was a scavenger hunt. Wait, I actually have to get my butt out of my room to play this? I was about to just nope out when I decided to give it a shot, and ended up having a great time. I really underestimated it. We still lost and I was capped first in survivor but the unexpected inspiration left me wanting more. Maybe others want more too. If you want some scavenger hunting within our wonderful community of nerds post /in or something.
--> @A-R-O-S-E
I am happy I didn't sign up for a game where the first challenge is one where you need to all dox yourselves at least by showing your skin and nearby surroundings.
--> @RationalMadman
Oh no, I've narrowed myself down to 72% of all americans
--> @A-R-O-S-E

Ram is being silly most of us don't use VPNs and a simple IP check can narrow us down to our block
Maybe my issue isn't the site's admin knowing my IP but that any user who comes across the website could see things to narrow me down, instead.
--> @Speedrace, @WaterPhoenix
I'll start up a 1v1 for you two at 1100 UTC friday

In for it both of you?

--> @A-R-O-S-E
Ok gotcha
--> @A-R-O-S-E
No, sorry I couldn't make it.
It's 6am for me 
Forgot to say pm, duh
--> @Speedrace, @WaterPhoenix
2 hours and 15 minutes

List will be on the discord

--> @A-R-O-S-E
Oh, didn't plug that into the world clock converter

Was napping then called someone

I guess this was a..... surprise drop lol?

Actually, calling it a "surprise" and releasing it randomly makes it fair for time zones