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I like Bill Burr, myself. Have seen some George Carlin and thought he was pretty good.

Beating up and torturing cripples, I like your style ;)

But in all seriousness, I am very sorry to hear about your childhood experience. I do believe that fixing the foster system is unfortunately a topic that has been swept under the rug and is harming thousands of children. Honestly, if we fix that, it would help all sorts of problems. Likely less crime, more people finishing at least high school, etc.    
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Nobody seems interested in fixing child protective services and foster care issues because no special interest money, not a hot button issue and most of the hard work has to be done at the local level. It is worse than I said too. I mean there are some unethical adoption schemes as well, where I think some case workers are incentivized to remove children
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  1. What would your ideal wife be like?
  2. Why write questions on your AMA rather than your Questions page on your Profile?
  3. What are your top three favorite countries (not necessarily meaning you'd want to live there)?
  4. Where would you if you had to hide from the US government or flee to a safe spot?
  5. Who's the worst person that you're still friends with?
  6. What's you're favorite restaurant?
  7. Who shares your beliefs the best on the site?
1. My ideal wife would be a woman who strikes my ego in a convincing and sincere way. Ny first kids mother could do that, and I am still in love with her
Now that I understand the questions page I think it is awesome but I only learned it like an hour ago
  • What are your top three favorite countries (not necessarily meaning you'd want to live there)?

Japan has a great culture it seems, and I like Japanese people in general. Hong Kong residents which is almost like a separate country to China. I have made a few Hong Kong friends online who have had a warrior mentality which I respect.

Venezuela, because of the women

Where would you if you had to hide from the US government or flee to a safe spot?

Some sort of non extradition country. I think a Latin American one that had a low cost of living. Where did Mccafee hide? Probably the same spot

Who's the worst person that you're still friends with?

I am fiercely loyal and only choose to be friends with people I am willing to step in front of a bullet for. So really I have one friend. I talked about him on survivor a bit. When the game is over I can discuss him further but he is a good guy. 

--> @LordLuke
  1. What's you're favorite restaurant?

A cafe in Glasgow Delaware called whereabouts cafe. They have steamed bagels which is how bagels should be made, and very good specialty drinks and the staff are very friendly and have become almost like a 2nd family though I haven't been to that state in a while

  1. Who shares your beliefs the best on the site?

People that hold my beliefs tend to keep them private? Maybe Disc. I don't know

Stealing questions from other AMAsnif this does not get more attention
--> @Wylted
What was your greatest achievement on DDO?
--> @drafterman
This might be a surprise to you, but I don't think anything I do is important. In real life I don't take compliments well. In fact they kinda piss me off. After shooting a game of pool, if I stomp my opponent and they tell me good job, I say thank you but want to punch them in their face. If I did a good job why did I have to see the table twice? If I did a good job why did I miss position twice and force myself to take 2 tough shots. 

If they tell me good job at work, all I can think of is the imperfect moves I made there as well, and areas that need improvement. 

My two simultaneous warring feelings are that I am powerful beyond all measure and that any imperfection can have disastrous effects. One of the reasons I hate all politicians in influential positions is because they are not perfect, their decisions are not perfect and their decisions will often times even result in more destruction. Even when their decisions improve the world, often it did not improve the world in an optimal way which means less total improvement than could be accomplished which I also thinks qualifies as doing damage. 

I have 2 recurring dreams. One where I punch somebody in a fight and they die, and one in which I punch them and they are unaware of it. 
I go from having a personality of grandiose delusions or one of self hatred. Often at the same time. 

Raising a kid is the worst. Any false move I make and he will have a less happy life than maximally optimal. Or less accomplished or less life in general. Any false move and the kids life is destroyed by not being perfect. 

I like DDO/Dart because I worry less about imperfect moves and less about getting things perfect. I have to avoid debate though because of the dual reasons that I am even more of a perfectionist now and that I have less time. 

If somebody applied for a job with me and they told me that their biggest weakness is their a perfectionist, I am not hiring them. It is a sly way to say they have no weakness, but in reality it is a disease of the mind. I don't feel loved because I am imperfect. I don't feel worthy of being in any position I earn because I am imperfect. It is a battle that never ends and that I can never win.

You know I rescued my siblings from my abusive father, at first by taking the blame for everything and taking their punishments. In my father's eyes they did nothing wrong, because I always volunteered to take the punishment. The torture.

One time I was weak and decided to save us all. We ended up in foster care and both were abused. The one time where I was selfish and decided to rescue myself, it hurt others. So the self blame is old and maybe it comes from always taking the blame or needing myself and them to be perfect to avoid the torture. 

You know once at like 15, my beat my father in a fight, but I still accepted his abuse afterwords instead of defending myself. I think I started to think I deserved it. It seems to have gotten off topic now, but ultimately. I don't feel anything is an accomplishment. It was either meaningless because I lack control of the world outside my head or my accomplishments are monstrous because they have likely caused damage by not being maximally beneficial.

I also hate cops lawyers and judges because their decisions effect lives and they are in a position where it is incredibly difficult to make perfect decisions or where perfect decisions could get them fired or disbarred
--> @Wylted
I was asking more along the lines of what troll or prank you were most proud of, but I get you. That's a rough life and that stuff sticks with you and shapes your perceptions into adulthood.
--> @drafterman
The presidential elections. I had to stay up for 48 hours straight on both to make it happen and put a lot of effort into the planning stages, which involved a lot of open deception some think I just stumbled in but I put in a lot of effort
My problem with the second one is the endgame was winning the election, I should have risked losing by making my endgame about what I would do after elected. 

--> @Wylted
I think it was for your presidential election that a bunch of ex-DDOers came out of the wood work to vote for you. Fun times.
I only went after a few of those people so that was mostly organic and from a few of thett's friends doing that, so it felt good. Some of them like dark Kermit I never talked to on DDO so that was a good feeling getting their support
--> @Wylted
You say you want personalized questions?

Sorry, I just thought those two (or how many I used on both you and Supa) questions were good for any AMA.
Also I do that with the Questions feature a good bit too, I reuse lots of questions.
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I don't care if the questions are personal. I just didn't know how the question section worked. I sometimes act like a boomer
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Do they do a loop to land on the ceiling, or a last second twist ?

--> @Deb-8-a-bull
I think it is a last second twist. Have you been paying attention to site politics here, you usually give incredibly interesting analysis of those sorts of things.