What will people do?

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In fully automated societies.
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get fat and ride around in motorized lounge chairs like in WALLIE
--> @zedvictor4
Breath, eat, sleep, excrete wastes, communicate, masturbate and;

solve problems via access to metaphysical-1, mind/intellect/concepts and subsequent intellectual contests

exercise the body in many various ways including sporting contests.

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get fat and ride around in motorized lounge chairs like in WALLIE
Some people say America is already there.
--> @ethang5
it's darn close, hopefully the world will end before that.
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--> @zedvictor4
What will people do? .........In fully automated societies.

That is an excellent question. Imagine,  for instance when the people of the whole world are fully dependent on computers for say;  education  and then those in power decide it is time to switch them off? Leaving  only the highly educated elite with all the know-how and knowledge and thereby leaving the rest of mankind totally dependent on them for everything. Just like the ignorant masses depended on the ancient priests of old for all their information about everything. 

Money is another thing that is already being digitalised to credits on a screen with cashless societies on the horizon. This, I don't doubt, will  lead to those who believe they are owed  credits  (tax man) will simply be paid out by those who are holding your credits (bank) without you having  the least say in the matter, while you battle through the courts trying to prove you didn't owe anyone anything in the first place, but tax man still had first bite of your credit cherry.

Imagine different coloured credits for payments for different things.
Red for gas.
Blue for food.
Green for rent. 

What if I don't have enough Green credits to pay my rent so they that hold  your credits (bank) simply deduct from your food  or gas credit allowance to make up for the shortfall?  without you having a say in the matter, leaving you starving and cold. but Landlord/Council had first bite of your credit cherry. How are we to earn these credits in the first place if the whole world has become automated?  Will we be totally dependent on the new priests called corporations?

This is all very frightening when looked at without your rose tinted spectacles. The worst thing about this is that ideas - such as a cashless society-  are always sold to us  "for our benefit". Yet they are sold to us with veiled threats and scaremongering while pretending to be putting your fears to rest. Fears you never had until these fkn snakes introduced them to you. 

It is religion on a massive scale , a scale so big it cannot be seen by the human eye until it is scrutinized under a microscope in detail. This is where  automated societies and cashless societies are leading, " but it is all for our benefit" don'cha know.

It is about time the dozy liberal fkn left woke up properly to where Governments around the world are leading us to instead of arguing about if or not (XY) can also be  (XX) "if it chooses" and simply by saying it is.