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Here you can roast any consenting person on this forum.

Hopefully y'all find this fun.

Who wants to get roasted?  I'm fine with you guys roasting me.
--> @Alec
u suck big balls
Oh, and I want to get roasted.
--> @WaterPhoenix
WaterPhoenix? More like Water... Uh... Water... Dummy head.


Oh obviously I consent to being part of this too.
--> @Discipulus_Didicit
oh it's on. Imagine being so bad at debating, that you're bad at debating
--> @Alec
This is Alec the no sex before marriage kid?

And he fancies a good roasting.

--> @WaterPhoenix

Lets start off with something fun to get started.

Your IQ says your borderline retarded.

It's dick that you lick.

If I did that, it would make me sick.

I mean, your whole profile name is a contradiction.

A phoenix burns and you combine that with hydration.

My name is A-L-E-C

And I have a much bigger D

You have the mental intelligence of a bison

Maybe it's why I doubt you have a driver's license.

Your fat, your stupid, your lazy, it's true

No wonder why I don't need a stove to roast you.

--> @Discipulus_Didicit
I'm just starting to get this roasting session in motion.

You were unwanted; your Mom failed an abortion.
WaterPhoenix? More like Water... Uh... Water... Dummy head.
Bro you need to take your time.

Learn from someone better like me if you want to get a good roasting rhyme.

What's a 25 year old doing with no college degree?

Maybe you spent your college years sucking D.

Face it, your doing worse than someone who's a minor.

So maybe you might want to consider to retire.

--> @Alec
you're so stupid that you just tried to turn a roasting battle into a rap battle.

here are a few lines though just cause i'm bored:

your tiny brain's smaller than the egg of a tick
good thing it'd still fit your minuscule dick
the only reason you're here is cause your prostitute mom forgot to use condoms
you're life is a complete filled with stupid problems

--> @Alec
Oh it's on now! I am only going to do rhymes this once just because you did, don't expect me to put in that much effort for any future posts lol.

You were unwanted; your Mom failed an abortion

50% accurate, not that bad for you kid. I think you've earned a peek at some insults that are a bit more sophisticated.

First let's do some math, am I really 25? My profile says April 1st 1995!

You are a fool if you think that's real though I admit the year is not a lie. Count really carefully now with all your fingers and toes and you'll see it's 24 years that I have been alive.

I haven't had my birthday this year yet, the odds that anyone has is less than 2 percent!

But I don't really expect you to understand that basic statistic, you're one of those who think college is basic.

Wanna know what I did with my 'college years'? I got a paycheck to blow shit up that I mostly spent on cheap beers.

I was droppin' bombs and makin' moms while your ass was in the sixth grade watching TV to see the Oscar noms

But maybe it's not fair to compare just yet, you are still in highschool.

But by the time I do actually hit 25 I'll be paying off a mortgage. When you reach that age, college boy, all you'll be paying off is student debts!

--> @Alec
ur a poop nose 

I am 16yr old hanging out with other 16yr olds that do sports. I have a lot of ammo, so I think this will be light compared to others I have heard
--> @SupaDudz
Whatever you say, Super Dead.
--> @SirAnonymous
ironic cringe is not funny

--> @SupaDudz
ironic cringe is not funny

You know what is funny? Ur mom.

--> @Discipulus_Didicit
U r a joe
--> @SupaDudz
IDK what that means. Some sort of slang or intentionally uninsulting insult like what I gave you?
--> @Discipulus_Didicit
Of course you don't know what Supa means. That would require intelligence.
--> @Discipulus_Didicit
joe mama
--> @SirAnonymous
--> @SirAnonymous @SupaDudz
joe mama

Aw shit I honestly did not see that coming.
--> @Discipulus_Didicit
That's really sad.
Know what else is sad... Ur ugly face.

I love doing roast. Especially in the summer. We roast lamb on a spit