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So it's always bothered me how Picard as an old man, is as strong or even stronger than Klingons in their prime.

These shows and movies have gone through some effort to exhibit how much stronger certain other races are compared to humans. However, one episode had Picard ambushed by multiple assassins, one old human man vs multiple trained killers who have both surprise and home turf advantage... Yeah, I kinda felt sorry for them.

My suggestion is he is likely a Khan, like Ricardo Montalban or Benedict Cumberbatch.
Stop talking shit about humans. We are stronger than you think

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There is no insult toward humans contained in my OP.
Challenge: Provide canon evidence that Klingons are, on average, stronger than humans. Either by way of demonstration or a statement to that effect.

This is commonly accepted to be a fact among fans. Taking a look at references in Memory Alpha:

Klingons were larger and physically stronger than most species, they possessed a much lower tolerance to the cold. (VOY: "Displaced"; DS9: "Change of Heart")
Both of those references support the "tolerance to the cold" aspect, but make no mention of the strength part.

Compare this to Vulcans, who are explicitly stated to be three times stronger than humans (DS9: "Take Me Out to the Holosuite") are are shown performing feats of strength (such as when Spock punches in a computer terminal with his bare hands).

The closest I have been able to find is in Voyager, where a Vulcan proposes that a Vulcan would be better able to withstand Klingon mating practices than other humanoid species.

However, he doesn't explicitly say he is better than a human in this regard, and we have examples of human-Klingon bonds.

Breaking things down further:

The Original Series Klingons are just humans with bronzer. Not even the implication that they are, as a species, stronger than humans. More ruthless and warlike, sure, but not necessarily stronger.

In The Next Generation, they take on a more menacing appearance, despite being "friends." It is in TNG they this reputation for strength comes from, though never actually supported. We learn about their multiple redundant organs, penchant for live martial sparring exercises, and tendency to engage in a sort of "blood lust."

But, as you note, just about any trained human is able to hold their own against similarly trained Klingons.

I think the advantage that Klingons have over humans is primarily cultural. They enjoy fighting and don't really care who they are fighting with and they go to extreme lengths when fighting. Think Japanese in WWII. The Japanese weren't inherently stronger, they just had a different cultural mindset.

However, Klingons do have biological advantages. The are bigger on average than humans and the aforementioned redundant organs. This allows them to survive injuries that would be lethal to humans. They also clearly have superior endurance and stamina. Both of those combined could give the illusion of superior strength, especially on the long term.
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Unless humans are defined in Star Trek by their physical strength, than Klingons being "physically stronger than most species" would set them somewhere ahead of humans on the bell curve. However, I do stand corrected, as it does not seem to be by such an extreme degree as say Vulcans.

Purely in spirit of being tasked with the challenge... Into Darkness showed both that Klingons are strong enough to casually lift a human with one hand (likely just onto her tip-toes but still impressive), and break stone with a punch (about 45 seconds and 90 seconds respectively:
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Well, my main experience is TNG/DS9/VOY era/universe. But I won't go all 'le wrong dimension' on you for referencing Abrahms-Trek.
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I got to say that I am glad Star Trek seems to be is generally ignoring the reboots.
This show feels very self-congratulatory. Dunno.It's like the script was written to pander to a 79 year old Patrick Stewart's ego.