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Mafia Wins

Lunatic- You are, “I hate when I’m on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle.” Fuck them water bottles. They suck. You are Vanilla Townie

Disc- You are, “I am God’s vessel. But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.” Another iconic quote where you are practically Jesus. You are Vanilla Townie

Speed- You are “Slavery was a choice.” Went on TMZ to say this, and it became another saying. You are Loved Townie. It takes one extra vote to lynch you

Drafterman- You are, “Closed on Sunday, you my chick-fil-a.” You are a religious leader in the church, you praise the lord. Praise Jesus. You are the Holy Spirit. You may bring back someone to life if they died. You win with town.
Bullish- You are “Kanye’s 2009 Monologue at the MTV Music Awards.” Beyonce had one the best videos of ALL TIME! ALL TIME! You are a Goon with a 1x double stab. You may kill someone every night, and one night, if you kill someone, you go back and kill them again. Win with Mafia

Theming: No theme, quotes =/= with roles besides one

The mechanic of the double stab is such, as an example

I kill (Person A)
drafter: I will save (Person A)
Mod: Would you like to use your 1x double stab to go back and kill him

If he says yes, person a dies, if he doesn't person a lives

--> @Bullish @Discipulus_Didicit @drafterman @Lunatic @Speedrace
town loses lololol
Also, drafters was in regards to NP, not the DP lynches. Lynches =/= deaths in my terminology

First. Death is death. A person lynched still ends up in the graveyard, they are dead.

Second, you explained that the double stab meant I couldnt resurrect myself, but I wanted to resurrect Speed.

The ONLY reason I pushed for speeds Lynch was to resurrect him. No reasonable interpretation of my role PM would cause someone to think it couldn't work on lynched players, so I didn't even think to ask.

Imo, the game is still going on DP2 with speed alive, the mod just hasn't processed the action yet.

--> @Lunatic
Drafter's makes sense, but what was your reason for lynching me XD
--> @Speedrace
its quickfire, trying to get to lylo afap

--> @drafterman @Speedrace
yeah so you were basically doc, and I was basically 1x strongman. But speed had the most reason to lynch Lunatic DP2 so I probs still would have won
--> @drafterman
So? Since when does killing double as a roleblock?

In mafia games...
Just off the top of my head there was that recent game lunatic hosted where pie was a motivator who could not motivate anyone NP 2 because he was killed.
That's dumb and overpowers the mafia.
So if I'm a doctor that can self target that's actually meaningless because being targeted by the mafia prevents my night action anyway.
Also lynching not being equal to dying is actual GARBAGE. But Bullish is right that I would've pushed for Lunatic