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To be clear, I do understand there is a point when it becomes spam, but I haven’t seen any banned users making alts and spamming with them; they typically just a couple threads. I would say ban the users, don’t delete the threads, but announce in the thread that the OP is an alt.
"I haven't seen..." The clear standard of proof.
--> @RationalMadman @Virtuoso
Oh dear. drafterman was only mod for like a few months and now he is gone.

As for the coronavirus...

Trump's terrible handling aside

How is Trump handling this terribly?

The poor can't even get tested, let alone treated or saved. They can't even access a pharmacy that has sufficient meds stocked at times.
There's very little that can be done for anyone with coronavirus right now except quarantine them. What we need is a vaccine or a cure, not "sufficient meds stocked at times."

needs proper informing to a panicking public about calm, clear directives on what to do.
Avoid traveling unless absolutely necessary. Stay at least several feet apart from people in public. Wash your hands with soap and water for about 20 seconds while singing happy birthday twice. Cough/sneeze into your arm not your hands, and most importantly, stop eating bats and other illegally traded wildlife!

it is actually about Right-Wing politics or ethics
No, it's not about right or left politics. It's about those stupid chinese not maintaining proper hygiene and not doing the above things I mentioned. That's why this coronavirus spread in the first place.

resulting in a brutally neglected poor and this is beyond just not providing healthcare.
Healthcare in this country has always had major problems and flaws long before Donald Trump came into office.

But hey, at least illegal aliens are able to get free health care :P
--> @Christen
You're lying at every stage of your reply. The questions I already answered in other posts.
You literally flat out lie at the end of what you wrote.

--> @Christen
The country has issues with healthcare because of fighting against socialised healthcare.
--> @Christen
Actually the directives in sociao democracies include not overshoppining, suggesting coping mechanisms and such to avoid depression and anxiety attacks while in the crisis.
--> @RationalMadman
You had to make 3 comments to respond to my 1 comment?

Also, I'm pretty sure the democrats have been the ones pushing for socialized healthcare.
--> @Virtuoso
I disagree that all threads should be deleted, only those that are at issue and have been identified. Unless that issue was demonstrated and justified in all, deleting all, IMO, would be a form of censorship. I don't think that censoring participants is desirable unless there is a blatant example of malpractice or the participant is threatening others. Yes, it is good that we respect others and treat them as we would like to be treated, but we are often discussing issues that are highly volatile because we have so much vested in our own opinions. 

This is just my personal opinion. 

--> @Christen
Yes socialised healthcare is good, what part is confusing you?
Healthcare for all will plunge the middle class and private businessmen into an array of debt and increased taxes. Healthcare should be more accessible, but it should not be free for all. It is the states responsibility

regulating unfair big pharma>free healthcare for all including for aliens
--> @Mharman
To understand why this came about, look at Willow's entry in the ban log:
I updated it this afternoon. Tonight when I hopped on, he had just created another account I have not even bothered updating the list with. By the time you read this, he'll probably be up to a bakers dozen.

Usually when someone gets banned, it's due to unrepentant obsessive behavior. Deleting their threads is in part out of concern for their well being.
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