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In America it isn't done straightforward and indeed most guise as left wing outlets. You don't understand the game and America's right wing outlet Fox News has so much censoring of their own reporters, where you're told what to say on a topic, how to say it and if you dare investigate in a journalistic way, you're firwd. Thats why no Fox documentaries or media show the right wing in a bad way. That's pure hardcore censorship but it's not legally done, just corporate-structure. America is more subtle because it's extravagent and needs to be seen as a moral nation to maintain its chokehold in the world politically and such. Noone roots for the blatant villain in real politics, so the game becomes to be the lesser devil in appearance.
--> @zedvictor4
OMG how the education system has failed you.

--> @sadolite
Fox News has so much censoring of their own reporters,

Fox doesn't censor Tucker Carlson. He is probably the last "truth to power" journalist left in the media.
--> @Greyparrot
I haven't smirked harder at a reply in a long time. You're not smarter than me, you just think you are. What you are is completely fooled (or lying).
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To what are you referring?
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Post #8 being copy/pasted into #37 is certainly odd. However, as an isolated incident, I see no quantifiable harm.
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A couple of your posts were reported, and I got to say that the formatting on one of them was pretty bad. I can't order you to do better, but I'll ask nicely to please use better formatting. Pressing enter a couple times at the right places improves legibility so much...

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Regarding the quote tool (just right of the underline button when making a post), bare in mind it adds an extra space after its paragraphs; so if replying just after it, use a couple line breaks around each section.

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The problem with this is there are no extra line breaks, which clusters the wrong bits together. That the formatting does this is known, so use the extra line breaks.
I must applaud the click-bait excellence of this thread.

One thing to keep in mind is that it was posted in Artistic Expression, as opposed to politics. This causes me to judge the title a lot less. However, the title still contributes to general tone influencing responses. Overly abrasive replies coming from a likely place of viewing the all caps title as trying to insult, changes the context to which they would otherwise be viewed.
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ok ig.
jesus christ left wingers are so indecisive. one moment they're all like, uhppppppppp china's communist, communist baddddddddddddd, now they're saying how poorly right wing china is responding. maybe it's just rat man idk. starting  to think rat's a troll, he's really smart but at the same time really stupid.
--> @fauxlaw
”Tolerant Liberals” 🙄🙄
--> @zedvictor4
I believe you referred to China as being right wing. If you think and believe this the education system has failed you. China is a communist country and affords no human rights or freedoms to anyone except those in the ruling class.

--> @sadolite
Wrong. It hasn't been communist for quite some time now. Its a capitalsit and industrious nation dominates world economics. It cuts the people's rights in the name of that very industrious ethos.
--> @Ragnar
No it's not. That user is an adbot
--> @sadolite
Sounds ultra right wing to me.

As I stated previously, extreme left is extreme right?

Look at communism  the failed pipe dream of hypocritical philosophers and idealists.

All attempts at communism failed the moment they started.
--> @RationalMadman
K then,  China is right wing.

--> @fauxlaw
I give you a Madman carrying a lantern, proclaiming "I seek Dog." 
I got that reference! One could get an education just reading your posts.
--> @ethang5
congrats! and thanks. Though formal education is long in the dust, I believe one must continue education for a lifetime. It is an overwhelming love of learning, which I learned from my older brothers.
I'll tell you a story. My oldest brother is now dead. He was the only polymath I have ever known, personally, and among his library was a faded, torn, but meticulously annotated paperback copy of Plato's Republic. He was never without it, filled virtually every page margin with notes, and had enough added notes on slips of paper to make the pages side of the book twice as thick as the binding. It had to be held together with a rubber band. When my brother died, I couldn't stand to see him without it, so a put it in his hand in the coffin, denying me, and my other brother, of ever knowing the scope of his learning from just that book.
--> @sadolite
China's economy is "free." I put quotes because there is government censorship, rules about the economy(strict ones), but is privately owned companies. Jack Ma is an example of a billionaire Chinese. There are still an one party state with a dictator in Mao and have strict restrictions. There are not the same communist state, but they are extremely left, with a huge focus on govt more than the private sector. If China was truly a right wing state, we'd be talking more about Jack Ma rather than Xi Jinping
China's economy is "free." K then
--> @sadolite
I put it in quotes for a reason. Not free per say, but less strict than the Communist. Still isn't fully free. Reading my paragraph would help besides the first sentences. I am Conservative too
--> @SupaDudz
Don't know exactly what it is you want me to say. You believe what you believe. A person from China who isn't part of the ruling elite  would most likely disagree with your argument. That would be a billion or so people
--> @sadolite
I never China was free, I put in quotes cause it's extremely limited. Exactly what I have been saying