We have the right to be offended

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In a period of over-indulged political correctness, there's a concept lost in the obscurity of discontent. It's presence is felt in almost every conversation on every subject; not just politics. It's a shame our society was ever saddled with this particular brand of censorship. What is it? Taking offense. Finding too many excuses to be offended by someone else's this and that.

"You offend me" has taken the place of an old public sentiment that used to be funny: "Where's the beef?" Perhaps the latter is an appropriate question for the former.

Yes, we have the right to be offended. We don't have a First Amendment without it. However. to dwell on being offended is merely to take up time and space complaining about it. It is the mark of Mark Twain's fool ["Better to close your mouth and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."]
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Well said.

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Hate speech is more valuable than congenial speech because, in its absence, apathy fills the void with meaningless platitudes.
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The bible said it first...

Proverbs 17:28 - Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.

Interesting take on the 1st amendment.

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Speech and communication hey....What an evolutionary balls up that was then. 

Or was it a god's fault?

And offence is a data construct that has been recognised to have value.,... So it can obviously pay to be offended....  if it wasn't we would no doubt have ignored it.

Such is humanity.
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The above must be for you because I haven't a clue what the Z-man is talking about.
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And offence is a data construct that has been recognised to have value.
That's about the only sentence that has value in your post. What's the rest all about? God's fault? What, that we take offense because we lack a backbone? If only we did, but everyone has one. Some, who take offense, in particular, don't recognize and don't use it. And, for that matter, what value is derived from taking offense? It's negative waves, man. 
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thank you.
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And offence is a data construct that has been recognised to have value
could you clarify that?
fmpov being offended and what is offensive is often subjective and individualistic is it not?
I don't see it as it being recognised to have value but rather some arbitrary or subjective value the individual has assigned to it.
being offended is an emotional choice, how could it be considered anything more?

I have issue with victim mentality

If you are actively going out to TRY AND GET OFFENDED, that is my issue
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being offended is a choice 

choice #1 be offended
choice #2 don't be offended (don't care if you like)

it's up to the individual to choose.

as a side note there should be less people being offended with the overuse and misuse of terms like racist etc
your a @#$%%
(modern day response) meh.

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yeah pretty much

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Some people thrive on offence.

And all here should be patently aware that offence has become a lucrative business.

Invent a crime, create a law, and Bob's your uncle.

it's almost thought crime Big Bro.