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Ragnar[2] (replacing ILikePie5) - Grumpy Cat - A snowshoe cat with an expression showing incredible disdain - You are vanilla townie.

Lunatic - Press F to pay respects - A bizarre and tasteless quicktime event in a 2014 Call of Duty game that turned into one of the biggest memes of the 2010’s. Memers from around the world will throw up a chain of ‘F’s in chat when something bad happens - You are the graveyard visitor: each night you may visit a player in the graveyard and pay respects to them. (flavor: you receive the results your target would have received on the night they died)

oromagi - Harambe - Dicks out for harambe! You were murdered in cold blood when you tried to protect a child from it’s negligent parent - You are a beloved bodyguard: each night, you may protect another player, if they are targeted for death, you die in their place. When you die in any way, your killer or hammerer becomes hated, that is they take 1 less vote than normal to be lynched.

WaterPhoenix - Supa Hot Fire - “I’m about to end this man’s whole career. Boom, bam, bop Bada-bop-boom, pow.” You have won 398 246 303 rap battles in your career. You are not a rapper though - You are the gladiator: once per game, at any point with more than 24 hours left in the day phase, you may declare a gladiator challenge against any other player; you do this by posting “I challenge ____ to a rap battle” in BOLD in the DP. Votes will be reset, you and your challenge will automatically vote each other, and only you and that player may be voted to be lynched for the rest of the day; if the challenge ends without a majority vote, plurality voting will be in effect, with ties resolving against your opponent.

warren42 - Galaxy brain - a meme where a described scenario becomes increasingly ludicrous while a picture of a brain becomes increasingly advanced. You are able to make amazing deductions with your galaxy-sized brain - You are cop (flavor: because the meme is most often used in an ironic way, you are insane)

SupaDudz - Bee movie memes - A 2007 movie starring Jerry Seinfeld with a ridiculous script packed full of “bee” puns. You didn’t become a prominent shitposting meme until the 2010’s, exemplified by the video “The bee movie but every time they say bee it gets faster.” - You are honey townie. (same as vanilla)

Ragnar - Black guy pointing at head - Also known as “roll safe,” you mock decisions that appear good if you don’t think about it. Can’t lose if you don’t play the game, right?  - You are the commuter: each night you exit the game such that anyone who tries to target you simply can’t. You are the quitter: at any time, you may quit the game by posting “I can’t lose if I don’t play the game” in BOLD in the DP; quitting the game at day does not end the day. Also you are excused to go inactive the entire game without being replaced or modkilled.


Greyparrot - Area 51 raid - a social phenomenon where millions of people sign up to raid Area 51 and bust out some aliens. Of the 50 people who actually showed up, one absolute legend actually Naruto ran on camera - You are mafia ninja: using the power of anime you can Naruto run past any enemy defenses without being observed. If you visit an alien you recruit them to the mafia PM. 

Speedrace (replacing Lucky) - Ancient aliens guy - Is such a thing even possible? YES IT IS. You’re always on the lookout for aliens who have visited this planet - You are the mafia lookout: each night you may visit someone and see who visited them. (flavor: if anyone visits your target, you see “aliens”.)

Singularity - Ayy LMAO - You’re a high alien who’s laughing his ass out about something or other. Your allies are trying to bust you out of Area 51. You are the jailed mafia. Anyone not mafia who visits you is rolestopped. You do not start with the mafia PM, and while you are not in the mafia PM you may not perform the night kill; also while not recruited, you automatically lose if you’re the last mafia alive. If you are visited by the mafia you may join their PM. After you join the mafia PM you are no longer jailed, you become a normally functional mafia member and you may receive a role. (If recruited will bring a UFO to the mafia. You may use the UFO to commit strongman-janitor abductions in place of the NK)


1. Lunatic - Press F to pay respects - graveyard visitor - Visit ragnar, visit grey, visit singularity, died NP3
2. SupaDudz - Bee movie memes - honey townie - 
3. Greyparrot - Area 51 raid - Mafia ninja - modkilled NP1
4. Warren42 - Galaxy brain - cop - modkilled NP1
5. Ragnar - Black guy pointing at head - commuter quitter - lynched DP1
6. Singularity - AyyLMAO alien - jailed mafia - recruited NP2, lynched DP3
7. WaterPhoenix - Supa Hot Fire - Gladiator - gladiate speed DP4
8. Oromagi - Harambe - beloved bodyguard - guard lucky, guard Supa died NP2, 
9. Ragnar[2] (replacing ILikePie5) - Grumpy Cat - vanilla - 
10. Speedrace (replacing Lucky) - Ancient aliens guy - mafia lookout - look at Single NK Supa NP2, NK Lunatic NP3, lynched DP4


The thematic split is alien-related memes vs other memes.

Activity was bad.
--> @Greyparrot @Lunatic @Ragnar @SupaDudz @warren42
--> @ILikePie5 @oromagi @Singularity @Speedrace @WaterPhoenix
--> @Lucky
--> @Bullish
Thanks again for hosting.
this was deadestiestest game ever
Speed you should have just self voted. They weren't active enough to lynch me the next dp. I admitted to being scum dp1 for god sake
Knew it
Lucky backing out was a cop out but it was a scum tell and it was the only one I felt pretty sure about lol.
Extremely town sided game
--> @Speedrace
It was only town sided because mafia was too inactive to NK night 1 and I had to modkill one and replace the other.
also single claimed mafia lmao.
I prompted the mafia chat and waited more than 24 hours btw:
--> @Bullish
Next time use either the @ feature in discord or send a message in ddo.  That's what I was monitoring. 

If you want activity, you can meet us halfway.
Or don't it's all good.