A TV in every Room.

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I have some family that have a TV in literally every room of their house. Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining room, everything. I find it a bit much, but if you like watching TV everywhere you go, then have at 'er.     
It's insane to have a TV in a bathroom, I've never seen something like this before.

Each space of the house should stick to what it's meant to be. The bedroom is for sleep, the kitchen is for cooking, the bathroom is for craping and taking a bath, the dining room is for eating and talking in family. The only space it makes sense to have a TV is the living room, and the TV room if there is something like this.
TV is about as harmful to productivity in the US as any addictive drug out there. I'd seriously consider banning it altogether. 
Smartphone with Netflix is?

Boob tube
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I think he’s talking about TVs in every classroom.
In which case I don’t think we need  a TV in every room.
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You can't read.
A TV in every Room.

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From the 1968 adaptation of Flowers For Algernon (Charly) for which Cliff Robertson won the Best Actor Oscar.

Convention speaker #5:Modern science.
Charly Gordon:Rampant technology, conscience by computer.
Convention speaker #1:Modern art.
Charly Gordon:Dispassionate draftsmen.
Convention speaker #4:Foreign policy.
Charly Gordon:Brave new weapons.
Convention speaker #1:Today's youth.
Charly Gordon:Joyless, guideless.
Convention speaker #6:Today's religion.
Charly Gordon:Preachment by popularity polls.
Convention speaker #3:Standard of living.
Charly Gordon:A TV in every room.
Convention speaker #4:Education.
Charly Gordon:[agitated]A TV in every room.
[more laughter]
Convention speaker #1:The world's future, Mr. Gordon.
Charly Gordon:Brave new hates, brave new bombs, brave new wars.
Convention speaker #7:The coming generation.
Charly Gordon:Test-tube conception, laboratory birth, TV education, brave new dreams, brave new hates, brave new wars; a beautifully purposeless process of society suicide.
Charly Gordon:Any more questions?

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What is a 'TV'?