What is the best iphone model?

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My mom asked me to buy an iphone for her and I obviuosly tried to pursuade her to not buy this crap because it's overpriced but she insisted to do so. So, I have no choice.

Seemingly she wants it because the iphone gives her a sort of status, it's all about appearances I guess. Having said that, and because americans like to waste their money all the time, I am wondering what is the most cost-effective iphone model out there. I don't want to spend much for it.
--> @IlDiavolo
None. Samsung. Or OnePlus, Huawei, etc.

But if she super-duper extra-mega wants an iPhone to show off to her friends (tell her to grow up, LOL), the iPhone X is pretty cool.

However for budget and functionality, the iPhone 4s has the best overall reactions from what I've seen. If that's too old then tell her to get a better phone for cheaper.
--> @Mister_Man
Yes, I know an iphone is not worth but it's for my mom and she wants it anyway.

The iphone X is the most expensive as far as I can see, so it's ruled out. I was thinking more about an iphone 7 plus but I'm not sure. As to the iphone 4, it's outdated, unless I buy it used but my mom wants it brand new.

By the way, I asked my dad and brothers to chip in because I don't want to waste too much for something that I can get for less. It's like six times what my cellphone costs, lol.
--> @IlDiavolo
That's lame, lol. I'd say go with the 7 or 8 if you can get a good deal then. I think that's when they redisnged it to not look like a brick.
Google Pixel 2 is good but for some reason they calculated it's more optimal to put all the effort and resources into a back camera and not have a front one at all or something with newer models of it.

When it comes to software etc I believe it's the only smartphone (other than perhaps other Google subsets like the Nexus series) that gives you the google play store for free which is extremely important if you actually understand how viruses evolve. Google Play store ensures that unless Google itself got hacked or wanted to release viruses on the world, you are never ever even by a misclick going to get a virus on your Android (which means the main selling point of iPhone, that you can't get a virus on it, is mitigated entirely).

The cash though, I admit is steep. When I got Google Pixel it was a major present to last me years and so far it's lasted me I think 3 years exactly in December (yes it was a Christmas present).

Pixel 2 is almost entirely waterproof (obviously if you put it in high pressure depths of the ocean it will break, don't be an idiot) but honestly I think it's next-level in terms of having a phone that is entirely secure from any company other than Google. There is literally no other Android-making company that enables you to expose yourself to only Google (Android itself is partnered with Google so Android isn't an additional exposure).

I won't type more as I can be accused of advertising but seriously it's the best-out in terms of actual value but if you want 'value to the dollar spent' I admit it milks the success of the original Pixel and easily is overcharging by a significant percentage of what you pay. I would note that a lot of what you pay is stuff you don't realise (god-tier Siri competitor, the Gogle voice assistant and Google Play Store free permanent access etc)
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I totally agree with you. In fact, I was thinking about buying a Google Pixel 2, it looks fantastic according to the description. Besides, it's said it's for developing, you know, to build apps and this stuff which I'm interested in. But I'm talking about me, an Engineer, this thread is about my mom's phone though.

By the way, I've already bought the iphone 7 plus for my mom, and to be sincere it's dissapointing. I wouldn't say it sucks because it works at the very least, but it's not what one could expect for a $900 phone.
--> @IlDiavolo
Two not three years sorry
The best iPhone was the 4s without a doubt. Voice commands changed the phone industry and Siri revolutionalized technology. It was a small, sleek. and reliable phone. Nothing can compare to the 4s.

My ranking of base iPhones

7-most durable
Anyone of the S phone currently- 7s, 6s, whatever jargin
5C-least durable iphone(i had it for 3 years and it broke every one year, it was plastic garbage)
8- the phone barely works and glass back with nothing else it utter garbage

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If I had the ability to switch to Samsung I would do so in a heartbeat...unfortunately my dad backs up all his stuff in iCould so we have to have iPhones and stuff
I just got the Xr and I absolutely love it.
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I was wrong, the Google Pixel variants have good cameras on both sides, it's just that the disparity between back and front camera quality is severe compared with other phones, but both are decent at minimum it's just the back camera is fantastic while the front-facing camera is probably inferior to a Samsung's or whatever.
I have iPhone because it is simple, If you want a complicated good device, get an laptop, I HATE windows 10 because it looks LIKE AN IPAD.

You can make Windows 10 look like older versions of Windows as well as a couple of fancy tweaks with the theme. It doesn't have to look as the default black bar.
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No thanks, Windows 7 will always be superior