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Gonna have to go with the ipman kung fu movies, or maybe operation mekong. I like a lot of chinese films.

@Kommandant_Nomad I've seen both Ip Mans. Both are very good. 
No doubt about it Big Hero 6

Best crafted animation movie and it is still pleasurable to watch to this date. That's why I am hyped for Spider Verse. The plot seems engaging and the animation seems superb

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Huh. I thought it was a sweet, but average movie. Very cool opinion though. 

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Which takes more talent and more knowledge to create. A bunch of scenes with props and stuff with extra money spent for some fog effects. Boo

Or a full scale animation film where animators need to get motions and certain projections correctly to make it feel like a somewhat normal movie and get angles from everywhere using a program that most people use for making crappy youtube videos. You can't just place a light, you have to model it. I appreciate animation more in that aspect and Big Hero 6 nailed the head on it.

Also Star Wars is the dream. Special effects, animating images, and all that stuff plus a feature film actor. That's paradise
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You're welcome.
The Matrix / Any Terrantino film / Terminator 1
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Not possible to answer honestly with only one movie, there are many movies I consider essential.  But to play the game I'll say Wender's Wings of Desire
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The Best Movies Are

99 Homes

12 Angry Men
Best Animated Films Are

The Lion King

Kung Fu Panda 2
Don't Judge me Nerds

DDO: The Movie

First "Blade Runner"  ---Philip K Dicks "Do Robots Dream of Electronic Sheep"--   with George Harrison or whatever his name was.



The IP man movies have some of the best kung-fu screen play I've ever seen. I could watch them just for that.
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Poor white trash with Jaime Pressly
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Endgame anyone?

Mr Nobody
Pixar Movies always a tough one to choose
bump and MOST defintley a random one

I would say Star Wars
I went to watch Midway yesterday. It was not too bad, I should have got more popcorn though.