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--> @RationalMadman

some nightcore songs r a pop
--> @Outplayz
--> @RationalMadman
Nice dude. Great song. Had me head bangin! 
--> @Outplayz
I can tell you will enjoy this gem and never have come across it before:

Let it build, let the voice kick in, eargasm.
--> @RationalMadman
Damn man you are learning my style... i can take only so many goosebumps per day! Crazy thing is i saw a song from her and i didn't like the song but i thought her voice had potential. I saved it just so i can find something... well, you deserve a thank you for finding something. It was on the head bang level for sure... but the ultimate is getting me teary eye'd (which it still might with some weed and a 40). Keep it up man.. i'm bad at finding new music so thanks for sharing. 

Goosebumps on the start where the choir hit, goosebumps when the little creepy girls giggled in the background, that bass drop with the choir... goosebumps, the beat kicking in with Tatu, that drop into the beat and creepy piano, back into tatu killing it... with the end buildup to tracking her voice in minors behind the beat... damn man... that's what i call a song. 

--> @RationalMadman

I was really impressed by this song i think might be in your ally (if you haven't already heard it). They are going to change the kpop scene.
--> @Vaarka
The Zero Point by Au5 and Synchronize by Hellberg
--> @Outplayz
How is this one not better? 

--> @EtrnlVw
Sure. But then:

--> @K_Michael
based on your sad display here, as much as I think you're chill as fk I'm forced to balance your iconic upbeat version of despondancy with another version of life reflected is so many automatons we may meet.  Not all are lucky enough to play piano... there's a real horror show:

--> @Outplayz
K-Pop is not my style but I have loved some Japanese Pop stuff.

^ This is my kind of Asian Pop.

I just discovered Bo Burhnam not too long ago. He is one of the most interesting and eccentric performers I ever saw. He put his second musical-comedy show up on YouTube.

It's kind of cringe-worthy at certain points. Still, a good watch. 

--> @omar2345
That one's good too. I binged there songs a little and so far i like the one i showed, you showed, whistle and boombaya. 
--> @RationalMadman
I should have guessed you like the more major sounding ones. I'll try to find one, i'm not into j-pop so far... but i'll find something. 
--> @Outplayz

--> @blamonkey
If you like his standup you may want to check out Tosh.0's action.  He's farther along in his career and possibly even more offensive to anyone who watches.  

If his show makes you hesitate to click he has a more nuanced character for his standup:

--> @RationalMadman
Although i do like darker sounding stuff, even depressed in ways... this one is too depressed in my opinion. Best way i can explain it is that i like depressed songs, but if they are in your face at the same time. This is just i'm depressed look at me type of song... not, yeah this song is depressive... but not depressive with emotion.  

Best i can remember off the bat right now is... this song: 

This is a simple example bc it's the darker music before the chorus kicks in, but that is the gist of what i'm talking about. The darker parts are just okay and get you thinking, but when the chorus kicks in with her singing it's at god level. I like it when dark songs do that... you can feel the emotion. 

Your song is just straight through dark... imo, that's boring when it's done all the way through. I want to feel the darkness.

Btw, thank you for sharing songs. I look at every song. Music is literally my religion... art in general is my religion, but music is a big part of that.