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Here's a great song:

AC/DC-Hells Bells
--> @RationalMadman

NF - The Search

You'll dig this one Madman

--> @PsychometricBrain
I do follow him and heard that the day it came out but if I'm honest, he's becoming a less impressive imitation of Eminem (who I also dislike overall in rap). The whiny ohase never ends with some rappers, tbey think it makes them "real" or something. Whine when youre on the bottom held underground by mainstream labels advertising, don't dtay being sad, angry and consistebtly oessimidtic with each rao you make, it's a real bad vibe.

Chris Webby and Nicki Minaj (yes Minaj) are fantastic at mixing up being emotional with being happy, funny, serious all of thst at once. They're rare but brilliant. Hopsin used to be like that but he's becoming another whiner.
--> @PsychometricBrain
NF is great
23 days later

Strab on my boots and watch me go!

Rather relevant song concerning recent events for me here: Russ - RENT FREE

I doubt most of you are into this style, but here's a song I've been listening to recently.

Disciple - Cuff the Criminal

--> @SirAnonymous
I would like both the track and song if they matched each other but the vocals were so out of sync in terms of intensity and tempo, to the music and beat.
--> @RationalMadman
Here's a different song by that band with more regular timing:

Disciple - Dear X (You Don't Own Me)
--> @SirAnonymous
There is something extremely wrong, maybe they are tone-deaf but learned manually how to hit notes. Their melody is missing the notes they are singing and vice versa, it's not even the same tempo it's very 'half way there' to match the other element of the music, in my opinion.

--> @SirAnonymous
Hear is some music somewhat similar to their style that is very in-tune: