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Anybody want to take this baby for a spin LMBO!

Seriously though, this movie began in much relevance does it have in the future?
Haha, I always thought that car was some type of 1980's Fiero…

As it turns out it's a DeLorean Dmc-12....

I've always liked the Back to the Future movies. There's a definite charm to them.

In the movies it's referred to as the DeLorean several times. That Pontiac looks very similar though.

--> @Castin
Hey, I'm an actual 80's kid, it's been awhile for me. I probably didn't even know what that word meant lol.

Kind of brings me back to the Teen Wolf movie, same actor same era lol. Geeze, hopefully you've never seen that one! funny though...
--> @EtrnlVw
Yeah I think he did Back to the Future and Teen Wolf in the same year. He must have gotten zero sleep. And I have watched Teen Wolf.
--> @EtrnlVw
Back to the future is a very good movie lol
--> @SamStevens
LOL, yeah I guess it was...
--> @EtrnlVw
You getting to straight forward on the sleep talk. Lol
--> @Nd24007
Okay brother I'm sorry :) you know I love ya...
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--> @EtrnlVw
I was never much of a "Back to the Future" fan.  Too comic for Sci-Fi.  Too broad for comedy.  I thought the set looked like a Universal Studio amusement park ride even back then.