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If you are a fan of Bernie - do you agree and why? 

I was the type of Dem supporter who was totally neutral (not indifferent, I was sided with Clinton due to her stance on certain foreign affairs, I didn't like that Bernie as a Jew was hating on Israel without a full grasp on the matter but I didn't like that he was also childish about matters left right and centre).

Look, the way I see it, Bernie has the right morals with the wrong means of bringing them to fruition. Hillary has questionable morals with insanely optimal ways of bringing progressive views into fruition.

I like Clinton more and did from the beginning but if Sanders had been the candidate and won, I'd be happy too but I'd think he was a bit of an idiot.

Instead we have a guy who keeps showing off his economic improvement stats without reminding you everything, be it environmental, social or living standards of the poor and saying DOW IS HIGH DOW IS HIGH (it's not that high anymore and is about to go down)

Whatever, I like Bernie but he's a child in a man's body.
The guy who was screaming DOW is HIGH is trump not Bernie just to be clear.
--> @Danielle

>>>If you are a fan of Bernie - do you agree and why? 

They're not breadlines, they're DEMOCRATIC breadlines. Jeez, people need to learn the difference...
40 days later
--> @Danielle
It's a 12 second clip and you only listed through 8 seconds. Context folks, context. Today, who could argue against the government opening up a soup kitchen in the poorest neighborhoods of America? We know there are homeless and poor families who's food budgts are strained. Would you rather the poor continue to suffer from the debilitating conditions of poverty? Or are you full of talking points about how they need to pull themselves up by their boot straps and the meritocratic free market will work itself out?
--> @Casual_Leftist
Why not just focus the effort of the majority to donate to the foodshelf through your local church or whatever?  That's a lot simpler imo, people just show up when they have time and it all works out well.
--> @Plisken
Sure, a non-profit charity would due. It shouldn't be confined to churches though; and a discriminatory (with aid contributions) church shouldn't receive funds. But if there was no such charity org in an effected area - would it be wrong to fund a local initiative?
23 days later
I don't like Bernie Sanders.  He's too democratic socialist.
--> @Danielle
Carbs are bad. Maybe if I was forced to wait in line for carbs, I'd weigh less. Bernie is onto something here.
Bernie was nothing short of a left-wing populist with a thin grasp of politics and unreasonably crazy plans. Hillary Clinton had my vote all the way through. 
--> @armoredcat
Same. She is the better side of Illuminati than Trump in my eyes.
I don't like Hillary.  Her tax plan was bad for the people who earned their wealth and she is very pro abortion rights.  She's also kindof hypocritical on the environment since she wants "half a billion solar panels installed by the end of Hillary’s first term"(1) however, she won't put even 10 panels on the roof of her house.


--> @Alec
That is not how you define hypocritical. Since that is not publicly funded yet, she's technically not a hypocrite.
35 days later
--> @Danielle
No. I am not.

Why cause he has no chance of winning.

155 days later
Better than 99 % of the other candidates, the only candidate that comes close to me is Pete.
--> @Pinkfreud08
Who is Pete?
--> @Alec
Pete Buttigieg if I'm spelling his name correctly 
--> @Pinkfreud08
Who is he?
--> @Alec
--> @Alec
This is a pretty good interview for your introduction to him as a candidate.