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I don't understand why Puerto Rico isn't a state.

I don't think fluoride should be in tap water.

MSNBC is as far to the left as Alex Jones is to the right.

And on that note, political activism isn't news. Maybe it's all fake news.

Texas is the only state in the union that has its act together. 

Or as Texans call The United States... Texas and its 49 bitches.
When I hear socialism I think National Socialist and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

What the media likes to dub the "far right" is often better described simply as "right wing". They like to assign the label of "extreme" to groups that are not actually extreme.
Trump has been a successful president.
Humans need to relocate to another planet before the Aliens return.
Democracy sucks
--> @triangle.128k
Representative democracy sucks too.
Stephen Breyer will likely be the next Supreme Court Justice to go. Trump will likely replace him with Gregory Katsas, who will then be confirmed by the Senate amid great controversy over his history of working for the Trump White House, which would in all likelihood be the reason that Trump chose him in the first place.
California should secede for the sole purpose of going to war with America, us killing progressives, and having the rest be shut up.

Half of YYW's old "Unpopular Opinion" posts in DDO are not unpopular opinions at all.
Cheese fries are retarded. Why ruin the natural taste of french fries, by doing something stupid like putting cheese on them. If the cheese is accompanied by bacon, ranch and jalepeno's it's fine.
--> @Wylted
This surely wins the unpopular opinions contest.^

My God, everything, and I do mean everything, is better with cheese.

Bacon, Coca Cola, and Cheese are the main proofs that a benevolent God exists.
--> @Wylted
Honestly my meal gets ruined for me if there is too much on it. I prefer a burger with only 3/4 toppings over 7 toppings. Good taste doesn't add up just because there is more to taste.

--> @ethang5
Is lactose intolerance better with cheese?

--> @RationalMadman
Is lactose intolerance a thing?
--> @ethang5
It is, and it sucks, especially if you develop it over time.

I love pizza.  I can really only enjoy pizza if I am going to be alone, and depending on the quality of the cheese, in range of a WC.
The left are screwed for the next 20 years 
^And maybe more
--> @Mopac
I don't understand why any small island country within a few thousand miles of us doesn't belong to the United States.
--> @KingLaddy01
I am flabbergasted that anyone would want to belong to the US.
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I believe that Hillary Clinton is less corrupt than Donald Trump. I believe that despite this, Donald Trump genuinely wants the best for USA. I will not explain more because it has to appear to be an opinion and not fact as well as not exploring the factions within Illuminati.