The U.S. National debt in detail

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Part 1 fundamental ( 11.38 mins)

1. To cut spending

2. Raise taxes

3. Increased economic Growth

But all three has there own problems

1. The U.S. could cut spending, but then it would hurt the economic growth.

2. To Raise taxes but it would encourage less spending. It would lower business earning.

3. For the economy to earn more money at a faster rate than the US debt. However no one in the Republican nor the Democratic know how to do this. The Republican want to lower taxes and the Democratic want to increase taxes. But both would still add to the national debt.

Part 2 Accumulation (10.45mins)

History time line.

Part 3 is coming......

The debt in real time

290 days later
Obama doubled it!
--> @Dr.Franklin
Well to be fair Trump isn't doing much better, I agree with him on tax rates and stuff like that, but it's obvious the Conservatives have stopped being truly conservative fiscally.

America doesn't have a debt problem, but rather a spending problem.
--> @Trent0405
Obama doubled it in a time of crisis to get us out. His last years in office shrunk the deficit substantially. Comparing the numbers without looking at how and why is dishonest. 
--> @Nemiroff
Well the deficit went down to normal levels after the recession, Trump is growing the GDP more than Obama ever did, but he's raised the deficit above normal levels.

--> @Nemiroff
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