What's your ideal look for fashion?

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I think classy look is an ideal look. What about you? 
Depends on the occasion. I am almost always casual in some way even when wearing a suit. I have a way of making the most uptight outfit seem flamboyant by the way I wear it or way it's tailored to me if I'm literally paying money to make it.

Despite not being homosexual or f****t-vibey I do admit I have a feminine streak to me simply due to my slimness and generally elegant look, even with facial hair I have extreme elegance to my look. I suit a style I call 'casual but elegant'. 

--> @RationalMadman
how delightful!! That's cool. Thanks for sharing. I'm really intrigued. 
--> @WarriorQueenForever
So like this:

With a much better gold tie though.
I never just wear a T-shirt with shorts unless it's really hot. Even then there's an elegance to the shorts I pick, they would go down over the knees etc.
--> @RationalMadman
wow that's very elegant indeed. Thanks for sharing. 
that was a clip on tie, bro
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Out of date mallrat.

Frustrated lumberjack.

Suicidal officeworker.
I love crop tops, shorts, mini skirts and tight dresses. In other words I like to dress like a slut. 
Well right now I'm wearing cutoff sweatpants and a t shirt...

but I usually wear Brooks Brothers button down oxford shirts, and jeans from one specific American made brand.
Not wearing anything in the cold. That how a real man does it! :)
--> @WarriorQueenForever

Tops: I usually wear a short sleeve shirt with a pullover(fleese over it) Somedays I wear flannel too.

Here are some examples

My hoodies are usually basic grey, navy blue, etc. 

Sometimes I wear a vineyard vine shirt

Bottoms: When I am inside, always workout shorts. No ifs and's or but's about it.

When I am going out for the night. I will usually wear jeans or khakis. Nothing to unusual.

I rarely wear sweatpants because they tend to itch. But I wear very loose ones to show off my shoes :)


Sadly I own gucci flip flops :(
--> @SupaDudz
What I don't understand is why Timberland work boots have become so popular among kids in the city we live in.  I noticed among a lot of christmas shoppers, an unusual level of them.  On the one hand, it snows a lot here and they're useful for that reason.  Many of them are non-slip.  That's good, especially for ice.  But, at the same time, they're horribly uncomfortable and not especially good looking.  I wear loafers or chelsea boots.  Mostly loafers now, though.  Almost never wear tennis shoes, except at the gym.  That said, I'm a big fan of half zip fleece jackets.  Mostly I go North Face, but Patagonia is a good brand too.  

--> @coal
Depends on color scheme of your normal clothes really. Usually jeans and Timbs are what kids wear. It is a style wear it could vary depending on the color clothes.

White jeans and timbs
Blue jeans and timbs
Even grey jeans and timbs all have a style to it

But yea they are very heavy and sometimes hard to fit