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Types of Bullies

It's a combination of several different factors at work (not necessarily all of them):

  • Learning things the hard way
  • Fixation/Obsession
  • Repeating scenarios to find catharsis
  • Obliviousness

Learning Things The Hard Way
Most people have to learn things for themselves, rather than following instruction. This especially is the case for emotionally involved situations (such as love), but can apply in any situation. For a neurocognitive basis for this, some people are predominantly No-Go learners, whereas others are Go learners; this predisposition is genetic, and affects dopamine expression in the reward centers of the brain.

No-Go learners respond best to negative consequences; Go learners respond best to positive outcomes. Someone who always learns the hard way might be a No-Go Learner.

Nothing will make you keep hitting your head against a brick wall like being fixated/obsessed by someone/something. It'll encourage tunnel vision, and make you lose sight of the big picture and get lost in the details.

Repeating Scenarios To Find Catharsis
People have a tendency to repeat traumatic events in their lives so that they can change the outcome of that experience - or at least process it. This may cause someone to keep acting out seemingly strange behaviors, which lead to a negative conclusion - until they can break the cycle (or find a safe way to discharge the emotional payload and process it). 

This is particularly common in people who have PTSD and may be tied to specific circumstances, or anniversaries of events - even if they're not consciously aware of the connection.

Maybe they're just not paying attention to what they need to be to help them? You should probably give them a nudge in the right direction.


--> @ethang5
I agree completely with you on that bullies need to be tamed.

If you do not tame the ones who mentally and semi-physically torture people, you cannot ever truly be in shock at school-shooters or other shit that occurs as a result of it.

If you want to sit back and be libertarian about the abuse that leads to victims crying themselves to sleep every night, faking sick just to avoid school then who the fuck are you to scream about the result via chain reaction of events down the line?

Fix the system, stop being a pussy to people who make others feel like pussies. You want to be a coward and be shocked when someone forced to be a coward their entire life suddenly has the urge to feel in control and release their unimaginably huge burden of agony on innocent people or even sometimes on those who did actually do the bullying? Revenge is as natural an abusive thing to do as the bullying that leads to it. You cannot blame one and not hate the other. Learn how it all works and fix the issue at the root.
--> @ethang5
Not a single source was posted...
--> @Analgesic.Spectre
When I'm ready for you to start thinking, I'll post one.
--> @ethang5
You look very sad in that mask. Maybe you realised how retarded you look when you rant without sources.

If only you had posted a source...
--> @Analgesic.Spectre
Watch the way you speak, your mask is no happier than his.
^  Says the guy so unhappy he had to block me lol.

If the truth isn't on your side, silence those who speak it.
--> @Analgesic.Spectre
The truth is that ethang did absolutely nothing to provoke you or require you to post here. You chose to come and first point out that it's lacking sources and then get personal when you realise he's not riled up enough yet. Then you struggle to come up with something to say back to me as you know if you are too cruel in how you respond to me, I will not let you sit there abusing me as the past has proven not just with you but others, one which you helped me shut down for good in persecuting me and having any standing to abuse me.

You sit there happy to lash out at any and everyone until they are angry, sad, envious or just so disappointed with the interaction's lack of pleasure that they avoid you. You do not contribute a single useful thing to the forums other than abusive pseudo-intellectual original posts as your best contribution and toxic replies as your high-volume contribution. You are here to make people who express themselves feel negative and if they defend themselves against it, you make them feel more negative for daring to try but you should know something, I am not amazing because I am a genius, I am amazing because that's my least amazing attribute.

I will not let you run around here bullying everyone. You will learn that you have no right to abuse, at all, zilch. I do not give the slightest shit what you and your vile right-wing ideology and outlook on life say is okay to do to people as you think everyone deserves abuse to toughen up and it's 'only natural', because what I have seen of nature is hideous and not at all a good thing to strive for. It may well be natural to bully and it may well toughen people up but I don't believe 'natural' is good and I don't think it's bad either, I think it's a completely irrelevant aspect to whether something is a good or bad thing to do. You are being 'bad' you are being 'evil' and natural or not, there will be 'natural karma' if you keep at it, that's a promise so long as I don't die IRL or get too busy to come here. 

You wouldn't have said 'no sources' if you were not here for nefarious purposes and wouldn't have followed up how you did if not here to make the poster feel extremely negative. Rather, you would have given sources against him (or for his case) and explore the ideas with him, incentivising him to post sources back or at least extend upon what you bring forth.

I would appreciate elaboration, Mr Madman.
--> @Analgesic.Spectre
On which part, genderless spectre.
All of it.
--> @Analgesic.Spectre
All of what?

You look very sad in that mask.
Lol. You look positively happy in that........what is that? Yeah, you're a stable person.

By the way, I use to know a moron who also thought that my avatar was me. His name was moron hari, do you know him?

Maybe you realised how retarded you look when you rant without sources.
If you think that's a rant, you don't know me. But I did realize you are retarded, you don't just look it.

If only you had posted a source...
For what? What needs a source? You posted no source either.
--> @ethang5
You are being a bully here, on a thread what you explain the ignorance and lack of life experience they have had that leads to them lashing out how they do, you do the exact thing you preach against.

Do not let sinners force you to sin, instead operate on a different level/kind of sin to them. Do not resort to calling people morons and retards if you do not want the same treatment back, it is inherently hypocritical.
--> @ethang5
>ethang5 makes a thread exploring ways to counter-act bullying
>resorts to bullying by calling other users retards and morons
Do you deny being a moron?

I made a thread about educating bullies, who in fact are morons.

Do you deny being a moron?

Bullies are cowards. They run if you stand up to them.

--> @ResurgetExFavilla
The hilarity of you not realising that the video is mocking the absolute shit out of people who believe in it, is evidence in itself that bullying doesn't even work in that video.

The video is brutal satire to people with your stance on bullying, it makes it clear in several contexts how stupid your line of thinking is in justifying bullying. The acting alone makes it clear who the real sociopaths are and who should be nipped in the bud.

--> @ethang5
I would like to personally thank Ethan for bringing this to our attention. In the past, many of Ethans posts contain claims in which no evidence was provided, however this time, Ethan provides ample evidence. Clearly, he is an expert on this topic as we can plainly see by just a small example of his many posts. Please enjoy Ethans presentation of hard evidence of bullying others...
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Thanks again for making this thread, it gave us all a wonderful insight into your behavior, which of course, you're now enjoying on your own with a much deserved vacation.
For evidence see thangs behaviour. The runaway king. Ooh and now he's banned, how very amusing.
--> @Goldtop
Good to have you back mate.
--> @disgusted
Thanks mate, notice how Ethan's response to me once again describes himself? Tortured person, bitter and caustic... he does like to talk about himself a lot.