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Is the new series any good?


Define "new series". As in, the latest season? Or the broader contemporary series, which first aired in 2005, that is in contrast with the original Doctor Who (1960s-1989)?
The current series with Jody Whitaker.

--> @keithprosser
I only just gave the new season a try, three or four episodes in so far. Gotta say, the eps aren't great. I'm gradually starting to really like Whitaker's Doctor, but the plots have been meh and I find the companions are pretty weak as characters. I do kinda like Graham.
--> @Castin
I think the writers have got the balance between 'social comment' and 'escapism' wrong.  
--> @keithprosser
Is that going to become more apparent the more episodes I watch? Cuz that'll be a bummer. I love me some Who for its wild escapism.
--> @Castin
As you say, it's a bit 'meh'.  It's not awful but its not exactly a 'must watch' either.

i've be watching star trek ToS... 50 years on that still works.

--> @Castin
Another 'meh' episode went by on Sunday...  I wonder if we will ever get another 'blink' or 'empty child'...
--> @keithprosser
All right, I'm all caught up. Gonna have to solidly agree with the social commentary to escapism ratio. The Rosa Parks episode, the Partition of India one with the themes of religious tolerance -- definitely too much social commentary for my taste. The witch trials one was all right.

Spoilers below, you're warned people.

They keep getting rid of the characters I find interesting. What's-his-face's Nan -- interesting lady, died. That guy whose mother told him to jump out of the tree and she'd catch him, then let him fall -- interesting fellow as well, but of course he was just a one episode character. Then Mr. Medical Integrity, the medic who ran that ambulance ship -- interesting chap, but of course dies.

And they have yet to address the question on my mind. Why was the Doctor a white male in every single regeneration before, and has only now become something different?
--> @Castin
Cultural conservatism, i  suppose.

I fear this series could be the end of Dr Who for a very long time.

--> @keithprosser
That's being a tad fatalistic, keith. I mean, it's not that bad.

I never really fell in love with Capaldi's Doctor either. His seasons were just all right.
25 days later
--> @Castin
The new years special was a distinct improvement, but nowhere near as good as the best xmas specials - "the next doctor" is probably my favourite, but that was 10 years ago!
255 days later
its bad