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ULL def. Tulane
Utah State def. North Texas
Fresno State def. Arizona State
Georgia Southern def. Eastern Michigan
Appalachian State def. Middle Tennessee
UAB def. Northern Illinois
Ohio def. San Diego State
Marshall def. South Florida
FIU def. Toledo
Western Michigan def. BYU
Wake Forest def. Memphis
Army def. Houston
Troy def. Buffalo
Louisiana Tech def. Hawaii
Boise State def. Boston College
Georgia Tech def. Minnesota
California def. TCU
Temple def. Duke
Wisconsin def. Miami
Baylor def. Vanderbilt
Purdue def. Auburn
West Virginia def. Syracuse
Washington State def. Iowa State
Michigan def. Florida
South Carolina def. Virginia
Arkansas State def. Nevada
Cincinnati def. Virginia Tech
Pittsburgh def. Stanford
Oregon def. Michigan State
Missouri def. Oklahoma State
Northwestern def. Utah
Texas A&M def. North Carolina State
Mississippi State def. Iowa
LSU def. UCF
Penn State def. Kentucky
Washington def. Ohio State
Georgia def. Texas

Notre Dame def. Clemson
Alabama def. Oklahoma

Notre Dame def. Alabama
--> @SupaDudz
I like how clutch Notre Dame can be. Unlike Clemson and Alabama, Notre Dame doesn't really have a visible weakness. The only problem is inconsistency, which they have almost a whole month left to fix. I think Notre Dame will be consistent and take advantage of the other teams' weakness in both games.

--> @SupaDudz
Why do you want Notre Dame to win though? You're clearly a Northwestern fan.
--> @SupaDudz
That's a little overconfident, don't you think? I think it'll be closer than that. In fact, I had Utah down before I found out Utah had a few key players that will go MIA.

--> @Mharman
No I am a ND fan at heart. I root for Northwestern because it is a hometown team

--> @Mharman
Northwestern tends to destroy seeds that are lower than top 10. I think they will beat Utah very convincingly