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Come on folks

--> @SamStevens
Most people are calling it DA now.
--> @Castin
--> @SamStevens
I liked DART better. I'm currently being a sore loser.
--> @Castin
XD lolol Dart does sound better lol

You're right, I'm gonna use it anyway no matter what anyone says. Viva la resistance!
--> @SamStevens
lolol Dart does sound better lol

I prefer DA.

--> @Zeichen
:O too bad one can not edit thread titles lol

--> @Earth
On DDO...

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...Ho Hum

Could DArt be beating DDO in hangouts?

Rabbit: Survivor

Come one come all!

--> @blamonkey
I'll join after I wash up lol #hangoutsarepopping 

You can join if you want too. I will be silent until I hear you though.

I am using the same link again. Come one, come all!
--> @blamonkey
I intend on joining later(like 9:30-45 central)

We could talk about how your thread devolved into what currently it is. 

--> @SamStevens
Hangout tonight?

Or tomorrow...perhaps. 
--> @Zeichen

Tonight seems pretty quiet. I'll sit in this link to see if anyone comes by

Hopefully tomorrow it's a little more active lol