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As a Russian, what's your brutally honest opinion of America? And is your opinion the norm in Russia?
Well, I don't really have any negative feelings about America, in fact I think you've done many things right and Russia must follow the example. That is, except for the health care and the guns control, I think those things are definitely not exemplary. I don't think my opinion is the norm because I don't live in Russia anymore and I've seen what it's like outside, but most people that live there they are affected by propaganda and quite a few of them are not the brightest people, to say the truth.
I got to say, this is a really cool community you made here! Anyway, just one question for you. I noticed that you don't do any debates. So do you have another secret account in which you debate with, or do you just not like debating?
Thank you, glad you like it here :)
I am afraid I am not any good at it and my passion is more about web development and creating something interesting, like this website, so I basically spend all my free time on that :/
How do you get a girlfriend?
First you gotta find somebody who you truly like. After that it's just improvisation.
Were they afraid to speak out their opinions because the government reads and oppresses?
Nah, it's just nobody knows about things like debating and therefore they don't know how it's done so it was meh.
What led you to make the Russian DDO Emulation before this website?
I needed some idea for a site that I could implement while learning how to program and also to have something that I could show to my potential employers, as a nice additional to the resume. And also debating is not that popular, if at all, in Russia so I thought I could do some good and help people discover how amazing it is. Well, that didn't work out as expected, which is not a surprise, I guess, in a country where even the president refuses to debate.
Do you consider yourself a funny guy, a serious guy or a friendly guy?
I guess I am all of those things but usually it depends on the context, but I guess I am more on the serious side.
What draws you to computing?
That I can be sitting on a chair in my underpants pushing some buttons and a few hours later seeing a result of my work, which is available to most people on the planet. It's not that easy in many other fields.
Why is your Life Priority Entertainment?
Well, I don't believe in any higher power so after I die, I guess that will be it for me so it makes sense to enjoy the life as much as possible. Career, fame, power, all those things they don't really matter when you are getting closer to your end.
Would you like to permanently move to another country? If so, which one would you prefer?
Yeah definitely, I guess Germany or Austria would be nice, the climate is not bad and the economical situation is also rather good.
Do you feel that Russia is becoming more secular and perhaps Liberal as time is progressing?
I think it's going exactly the opposite direction, I even believe that this country is doomed, at least economically wise and the situation is definitely not gonna get better any time soon.