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I have yet to ask a question, so I figure I will give it a try. When you say to use philosophy sparingly, what do you mean by philosophy (what do you think it means) and also how do you view the scientific method in comparison?
Thank you for your questions Logicae. This is actually an issue I have put some thought into over the years.
Philosophy: a study of the unknown.
Science: that which is testable, and repeatable.
I used to hold to the view that philosophy is not relevant to debate at all, since (as I saw it) all reasonable laws of logic, scientific reasoning etc. are observable and repeatable. I have since realized that science, at its core, is founded on philosophical assumptions like ‘I can trust that my senses are telling me the truth’. Therefore, I now recognize the necessity of philosophy in some capacity.
My dislike for philosophy stems from the frequent cop out abuses of its use. For example, I have repeatable hear the theory that we were created three minutes ago preprogrammed with false memories of our life that we never lived. Obviously there is no way to repeat or test this philosophical argument; therefore, as absurd as it is, there is no conclusive way to disprove it. Evolutionists frequently use arguments of a similar nature. For example, to explain the severe shortage of transitional life forms evolutionists appeal to the idea that animals evolved rapidly for short periods of time and then stagnated into a state of no change for much longer periods of time. This line of reasoning is akin to saying that ‘elephants must run through our houses very fast because we never see them’. Like the last argument, this claim is not testable or repeatable.
Philosophy is frequently used to pose arguments that are not testable, and therefore can’t hope to be proven true or false. Frequently people are asked to discard all reasoning and observations in favor of an un-testable philosophy. This is why I have strong reservations for the use of philosophy.
How do you get a girlfriend?
Wish I knew man. I would give you advice but it would be like the blind leading the blind. If you figure it out, let me in on the secret! :{)
What is your username referring to?
Thank you for your question. It is in reference to the Lazarus of the Bible. The spelling comes from my interpretation of the phonetic pronunciation used in Trip Lee’s song 'Lazarus'. I actually started using this name as a gaming profile since I keep coming back to life per say.