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Intellectual Disabilities and Online Learning. Do you believe the intellectually disabled should be taught in schools?
Go here: https://specialolympicsactnsw.teamapp.com/
What person does it explicitly state is one of the Intellectually Disabled getting Online Lessons to the retard?
The Point? Everyone there is exercising, not sitting on a computer! If you can’t think, you have an IQ of merely 70 or less, what should you do? Not think, but exercise!
If we put the intellectually disabled in schools, it should be in a P.E. class.
Ok, I know, they basically _are_ in a P.E. class. And some are, in their own different ways, smart and high achievers, I know, but why are they literally _required_ to go to _school_, a place of _learning_, _just as much_ as the next guy!
And I don’t know if you’ve experienced this or not, but I’ve seen some who are so messed up, it literally backs up traffic for up to a _full 10 minutes_ to get that child on the bus every single day to school! I’m not sure if that person should be doing quite that much transportation…
Have you taken an IQ test that has been approved? If so, what did you score
No, I haven't taken an approved IQ test, but I'd kind of like to sometime.
How did you get into DART
I actually kind of came from DDO, like many of us did.
But as you can see, although I joined the site 10/02/2018 (and heard about it earlier), I haven't a had a shred of activity until just 3 months ago (and it took a while after that for me to truly become active). And I didn't have much activity from DDO, either. No debates for sure.
And how I got onto DDO?
Well, I've always been extremely argumentative. As long as I can remember.
But ever since I turned 14, my entire belief set began to flop on me, and I suddenly become less instant to debate-like and much more unsure about things before I get started.
I might've gone on for a while about a biography of my life, but that would take some time and thought.
But basically, 0-13 was extraordinary, impossible-to-not-be-right confidence, 14 high unconfidence and unsurity, 15 attempted confidence, 16 regular-ish confidence, and since then I'm just improving at life I guess.
So I went from being ready to instantly debate everybody to _wishing_ I could debate someone. And now I'm getting into a groove where I might be able to debate someone if I feel like I'm ready on the topic and subject. Would hate to lose though.
So that's how I got _onto_ DDO + DART, as well as an explanation for my life on DDO and Dart.
Do you love yourself?
Yes, I do. I don't see why I wouldn't, really.
Are you an anarchist?
No, I believe in government. And I don't believe that freedom or democracy or even the philosophy that those with more power should have more powerful votes (which I do not believe necessarily) equates to anarchy.
Do you like femininity in itself or like how they look or what?
I DON'T necessarily like girliness; I wouldn't like a man to act girly, but I do prefer girls feminine, and I definitely like the way they look.
I see myself with a girl who's smart and intellectual. And that might be boy-ish, but it doesn't have to be.
Luke are you of the homosexual variation?
No, I am 100% straight.
Is your name a Star Wars reference?
"Luke" is my birth name, and it's not necessarily a Star Wars reference.
My parents both just really liked it.
It seems to have been popularized by Star Wars, but it's not necessarily a reference.
Have you taken the MBTI, or a similar test? Are you an INTJ? Maybe INTP?
I'm an INTJ.
I was like 100% INTJ when I was 13; you could barely get any more INTJ than that.
And now, while it may be hard for me to fathom not being Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, and Judging, I am much less INTJ-ish than I once was. I don't seem to be quite the perfect fit anymore.
And J is typically my lowest; I can also be very messy sometimes, yet usually while I'm _trying_ to be organized.
And sometimes I feel like many INTPs fit better under the INTJ category.