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How does Canadian and American culture differ?
Hockey and beer! ... Just kidding.
I could point out some key differences within certain institutions, but broadly speaking there's not too much. On average people in Canada are a little more polite.
Of course, there's better data than my opinions:
Do you have any tips for me to improve my debating skills?
You're pretty good.
I'll say that I'm big on structure, so in preference:
Granted now that I look, I see the one I prefer even while being listed with an earlier conclusion, was actually initiated much later. So great job on already improving!
Do you get flack for being a religious progressive?
Occasionally. However, it tends to just inform me that someone's opinion isn't worth the oxygen they're expelling to state it.
How'd you develop your style of debate?
Due to my unusual upbringing, I was not exposed to formal debating until I was in a college writing class.
I guess it just developed naturally with time, in response to various feedback, and seeing what I liked and disliked in other peoples debates.
Who is your favorite comedian? If you don't like comedians......why?
Bill Murray is the king.
I'll also give honorable mentions to:
Rowan Atkinson, mainly due to Black Adder.
John Cleese, as a bit of a stand-in for the whole of Monty Python.
What have you learnt that other people should also learn?
In regards to online argumentation:
Desperate for attention trolls will insist on getting the last word in (often repeatedly when ignored). They will frequently disagree just for the sake of disagreeing in and of itself, in their confusion mistaking that for argumentation. While it may seem cruel, it's usually best to just stop feeding such individuals.
You once referred to a specific debate by a number string. I do not see any number reference. Is the number something we can see and use?
Everything ends up getting numbers assigned to it. I will use the classic troll debate "Fetuses as a replacement for the USD" as a reference.
The URL assigned is https://www.debateart.com/debates/866/fetuses-as-a-replacement-for-the-usd
However the shorthand goes to the same place https://www.debateart.com/debates/866/
This is useful in the system since changes to the debate's name do not affect the cataloging system, which pulls information from the 866th debate topic be created here.
Votes get a unique number for votes, but are linked to within the debate: https://www.debateart.com/debates/866/vote_links/2140
The number on the end tells us it is the 2140th vote cast on this site.
A vote cast today, would get assigned an integer >= 4676.
The link can be copied from the top right corner of the vote (for this one, the local reference of "#1").
Within the comment tab they are similarly given unique numbers, such as: https://www.debateart.com/debates/866/comment_links/10902
These can also be found on the top right, in this case "#28." For this I really wish the end numbers were local counts rather than site wide, as it would easily dispelled certain myths about deleted comments.
This also applies to the forums for both threads and posts within, and is often more useful there as it gives a direct link to a specific comment made within the greater conversation. Such as when people deny having said something, you have easy access to a link to their exact wording (not that trolls will care what actually happened...).
Ragnar, I was a member at DDO briefly [about a week] and had numerous issues of posting in debate that refused to load. After several requests for assistance that were never acknowledged with response, I quit. Is this why you declared DDO dead?
I consider DDO to have died when they updated the code to cause debates to never end if any rounds were forfeited.
Why they chose to do that, is still a mystery to me.
Other people consider it to have died when they pushed spambots over real users, or various other problems.
What was DDO?
Debate.org (DDO) was the debate website from which most of the userbase here migrated. The owners began trying to scam ad providers (they even hid a dictionary in the site to show up on more random searches...), and as spam looked like activity, they chose spam over the actual user base.
Would you say you are better at text-based debate or video/verbal debates?
Text based for sure!
First of all, I have not done any formal debating in the other formats.
Second, I'm huge on evidence. Heck when pictures are an option, I'll even use them to set the mood.