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My beliefs:
-Socially independent, very fiscally conservative.
-Pro open borders.
-Pro life, with supporting a light penalty for abortion (the woman or the man gives enough blood to save someone else's life). This punishment applies to all abortions between 6 and 20 weeks. Before 6 weeks, I wouldn't punish it, so it can be legal before 6 weeks. After 20 weeks, they need a good enough reason as to why they didn't abort the kid sooner, when the kid couldn't feel pain. I'd prefer them to be sentenced to the same punishment as the between 6 week and 20 week program, but if they were getting an abortion just for fun and just because they wanted the kid to experience pain (these people are rare, but I've heard of them) then that should be punished with life imprisonment and blood giving every 2 months to save more people. Exception for if the mother is going to die with a reasonable enough chance (I'd say 25% chance). I also support contraception including vasectomies to reduce abortions.
-I want to expand the military to be 1% of our GDP, which with open borders is going to be more overall funding than what the military currently receives.
-Against death penalty legalization. Murderers should have to give blood every 2 months in addition to life in jail. Our soldiers should also give blood every 2 months and get paid for it. They want to be heroes so this idea should make them very happy.
-I think the LGBT movement is a threat to religious freedom and free speech in general. I discourage Gay and Bi males from having sex with other guys (and girls) because of HIV and would tell straight people to the same thing (unless for reproductive purposes), plus some other concerns with having sex. Condoms aren't 100% effective.
-I believe that everyone should wait until marriage to have any type of sex because of STDs and fear of pregnancy. I don't believe this should be forced.
-Abolish the income tax and replace it with a sales tax and a capitol gains tax.
-Pro nuclear power; if states want to use renewable energy sources, that's their choice; states rights.
-I would want to overturn the expensive socialist counterproductive war on poverty that keeps people poor. I also want to overturn the counterproductive war on drugs.
-I don't like UHC. I removed it from my tax plan, and it saved so much money. Despite that, I would try to get everyone insured by showing low income people where better paying jobs are that don't require college education.
-I want the minimum wage abolished and people should be free to negotiate their own salaries.
-Legalize polygamy and prostitution if everyone involved consents to it. Jailing prostitutes is ridicules and evil.
-I dislike the Roman Catholic Church because they sing too much instead of trying to make people live more Christian lives. The priest I knew said to do stuff like to give to the poor and to respect the unborn, but no one actually does what the priest says to do because of the priest saying it. Also, I interpret having statues of people and saying Hail Mary to them is too close to worship in the English language,
-I don't like Trump because of the debt increasing under his rule. I don't like Obama for the same reason.
-Pro 2nd amendment. "Assault weapons" kill 4% of the people that die due to guns, banning them is impractical. This includes school shootings, which I think the Sandy Hook shooting (26 innocents dead) is as bad as 26 individual homicides. Most people think that the Sandy Hook shooting was worse than 26 homicides for some reason. I want AR 15s legal in every state. Background checks are fine though and can be enforced nationwide as well. Minors shouldn't be allowed to have guns. Tyrannical governments are a bigger threat to society than mass shootings.
-Ben Shapiro is a legend. I am a right winger who listens to secular talk and doesn't have their mind changed too much by it. I like seeing both sides though.
-I think flying the confederate flag should be legal and I do not believe it is racist. The flag got modified since the civil war, so it's not the same flag. Now it just represents the South East United States and GOP ideals.
-I think the US should change it's flag to something like what's below to represent what ought to be American much better:
-Joe Jorgenson 2020
-Keep Texas Red.
-I want to be an actuary, then governor, then President of the United States. So help me Jehovah.
If you disagree on any of these, you can direct message me and a messaging session can take place. I prefer messaging and forums over debates because there is more bias in a debate since people do their best to win debates and don't care about learning as much.