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I'm asking this because I'm curious about how a Canadian would answer. Who won the War of 1812, or was it a tie?
I'd say that 1812 was a tie. Neither nation paid reparations or lost land. Despite this, the Americans should've won on paper. From what I've heard the Americans outnumbered the British significantly on land, although the British had a massive naval advantage. I'll say this though, Canadians are insanely smug about the war of 1812, CANADA DIDN'T EVEN FIGHT IN THE WAR.
From what I've seen most Canadians believe the Brits won the war, that's also what our history books say for the most part.
Good BLT bread already is firm enough! You don't need to toast it or whatever
Toasting it just makes it way better. Tomatoes and lettuce have a good pop and bacon has a great crunch. What fits better with these characteristics, crispy and crunchy toasted bread, or soft and weak untoasted bread.
Why would you toast bread on a BLT? Hard bread is not good with cold and soft toppings!
1,,,It's not hard bread, it's crunchy crispy bread, matches the sandwich perfectly.
2,,,Do you want your bread to be a floppy soft mess that has a flavour which is nothing like the other ingredients?
Do you have any tips for me to improve my debating skills?
Whilst this may not be the answer you're looking for, the answer is no. I don't feel as though I am well versed on debate tactics or that your style of debating needs significant improvement in the first place. I must say I'm pleased that you felt I was fit to give advice in the first place, sorry if my response comes as a disappointment to you.
Why do you not support the death penalty?
1,,The policy doesn't reduce crime.
2,,The policy isn't needed, you've already taken a man's freedom, but to please the family of the victim and to provide justice you want to kill him? I don't see why putting him in prison to keep him away from the rest of society isn't enough. It just seems very silly to me.
3,,One in 11 people executed are innocent. I'm not okay with killing people if it means that 9% of the people killed did nothing wrong just to attempt to appease the victim's family.
So, why do I not support the death penalty? Because killing innocent people is immoral, it isn't serving justice or providing solace to the family of the victim, and it doesn't reduce crime.
I'll ask you later ok?
What's your favourite video game and why?
The two "Tales of Symphonia" games, the second one was a tad better.
I loved the story to both games, they cover discrimination, betrayal, deception, and love, they just keep you hooked and you enjoy every minute of it. Both games are the only games that have made me cry, the endings aren't very spectacular on there own, but when you account for the journey you've had to endure they are the best endings ever in my opinion. The game play is fun, challenging, and addictive, no game has ever captivated me the same way. Now, to be honest the reason why I like the game is because of nostalgia. I've been playing the game since I was 3, wasn't able to beat it for a long time(because goodness are those games tough), but I've beaten both games approximately 40 times(currently playing through part 1, about 1/3 through the game). Another thing was how long the game was, the first game actually had 2 discs it was so big, hours upon hours of entertainment to be had. I must say I never fancied the anime graphics, I HATE ANIME, but because the company was Japanese, and every other game in the "Tales of" series other than the two tales of Symphonia games sold predominantly in Japan they made the graphics anime(the Symphonia games were predominantly sold in America).
What do you want people you meet for the first time to think about you?
Frankly I just want people to see me as respectable. I don't care if people ignore me or don't see me as a friend, all I want is to be regarded as polite and decent.
Best gift you ever received?
Don't really get/ask for many gifts, I got the risk board game though, I quite enjoyed that.
What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?
Never given a gift...............................................................Cause I'm a selfish jerk......................................................and I'm a narcissist.