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How do you get a girlfriend?
Ask politely. Failing that, use Wikihow:
If you're actually serious, then you've come to the wrong person. Sorry.
Who makes you laugh more than anyone?
Lewis Black, Randy Feltface, Bo Burnham, and Robin Williams are perhaps the best comedians I ever saw. Sometimes, some of the flamewars on this site make me laugh, but usually my laughter is bitter and it signifies disgust.
Are you proud to be a voting moderator?
Not really. Users pent up with frustration subject moderators to their bellicose ire in the same way a person in real life would relieve their anger by using a punching bag or shooting animals. Then, I, being well known for not involving myself in the routine drama that looms over the site like the shadow of the Hindenburg, have to involve myself in the votes of people who detest me and all moderators on the site. I don't hate my job though. I have it easier than the forum moderators. They have to deal with stuff like this:
(For more examples see the entire religion and/or politics forum)
"Pride" isn't the right word. I feel accomplished after dealing with erroneous votes. Thankfully, many of my exchanges with people as a voter moderator have not caused me issues yet.
How did you become such a prominent member of the esteemed Brick Organization?
I have my connections...
What would it take for you to be not apathetical?
I don't know exactly what would inspire me to take a position on something. If politicians started negotiating to find common ground instead of promoting bellicose behavior from their political base, I would be more inclined to join political discussions and may consider joining a party for its practical benefits (i.e. being able to vote in primaries). Failing that, it would require an uprising of gargantuan, mutant hamburger-men who rampage through Florida and rip up every establishment selling caffeinated beverages in the state to get my dander up. That would inspire me to pursue everything up to, and including, nuclear warfare in order to get my coffee and/or diet cola. Speaking of, I'm kind of thirsty. I'm going to get a diet cola, be right back.
Are you a libertarian, if so why?
I take pride in considering all political parties to be nothing but pundits pedantically postulating policies to punks who don't understand what they are doing and take polarized positions while pilfering any good will I had for them and generally "taking the piss". Perhaps pride isn't the right word. It is more akin to bleak resignation. So no, I don't identify as libertarian insofar as they exist as a political party instead of say, an ice cream parlor.
In brief, political parties, be it Libertarian, Republican, or Democrat, promote pestilence and peril while provoking paranoid primates into being perfidious. Party politics? Perish the thought.
I have to stop answering now because my "p" key is getting lose.
Why are you indifferent on your political ideology?
I can't muster any other emotion besides apathy toward the political decisions being made. Maybe I am experiencing fatigue from the over-politicized, irate culture that was fostered by politicians and the media. Both political parties in the US lost me the moment they started adopting bizarre, absurd, and downright idiotic policies. It doesn't help that any hope for legitimate reform is quelled by one, ugly, immovable fact:
Progress is hard.
It requires people to reach a consensus on a particular idea. Does that seem likely in the belligerent, capricious hysteria we find ourselves in? I doubt it. People are too focused on trying to attack opponents instead of policies, and values instead of practicalities. The voting population would likely take a tomahawk to their own genitals before they sit down and have a polite conversation with the opposition about their plan for America and what they are willing to give up to pursue their policy goals. To coin a phrase, they want to have their cake and their version of economic reform too.
I don't want to lose faith in politics and its impact on people, and will gladly start caring when the politicians do. Until then, I will stay cynical until it no longer makes sense to do so.