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What are your thoughts on the war in Iraq/Afghanistan, I'm pro Afghanistan and anti Iraq.
I am also anti-Iraq War. I will admit, I am much less informed on the war in Afghanistan, but it would appear that was more of an attack on terrorism than a regime change war. For that, I believe that it could be justified. Our goal has been accomplished, and I think we should withdraw promptly. I am generally against war in the Middle East as I very much care for the lives of our servicemen, and I feel our involvement seems to create much more tension than it resolves. I also don't believe the burden of fighting global terrorism should fall primarily at our feet.
Why are you such a GOAT
I'm a GOAT because i'm not a sheep like those lefties we know and love. :)
I try to stay informed because politics is important and I love not getting along with people. I ask you sir, why are you the reeeeaall GOAT?
What do you think a government should do?
I think this is a very in-depth question that will be hard to answer all at once. I will give the most simplistic answer I can.
1. It should defend the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, meaning it shall provide a police force, courts, and a military to make sure none of these are violated. This is the absolutely main purpose of any government.
2. There is occasionally some regulation that needs to be put in place. Very important to have anti-trust laws. Also, it is important to have some environmental regulations, since there isn't always a good market incentive to protect it. How strict these are is very nuanced and varies based on the issue.
3. After that, it gets very subjective. I believe that the US should allow the market to be as efficient as possible. It should deregulate many industries and lower taxes. Most welfare programs should be severely reduced. I will use the example of health insurance. Allow competition across state lines, deregulate, etc. When the prices are reduced from competition, the government can pick up the tab for the few thousand I believe still couldn't afford it. This would ideally be done through the private market with vouchers to maintain competition.
4. There could be a few I missed, but this hits the main points. I want the government to stay out of our lives as much as feasible.
Why are you anti-union?
I think that in concept, unions are pretty good. However, in practice, they are rather detrimental to our economy.
They make American auto manufacturers uncompetitive by nearly bankrupting them with their pension plans. The teacher's union constantly demands money, but their teachers with tenure have no need to be competitive. They are very much against performance-based pay. They are against school choice and vouchers, which would allow parents to send their kids to school that best meet their needs, rather than whatever school zone they are in.
The aforementioned pension plans in the auto industry and the excessive workplace regulations they fight for are why companies have a high incentive to outsource jobs and hire illegal immigrants.
In a perfect world, I would support no minimum wage and bare bones regulations on industries and let unions negotiate all of that. Unions in fact did some really good work during the Industrial Revolution. However, as of late, they have been taking advantage of their power. Realistically, state-wide regulations and minimum wages are what I would support.
PS all government unions are trash. Those are a huge conflict of interest.
What makes Nixon the best?
The main reason i did the debate is because people only think of Watergate, not his amazing foreign policy, environmental policy, civil rights, etc. I like him personally because of his disgust for communists and hippies, but policy-wise, he is still likely the best.