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What do you predict will be the outcome of the 2020 election?

Well, the election is already over, but I predicted a Biden win

Favourite Metroid Game? I like Super Metroid.

Metroid prime hunters

Why are you banning people for like 90 years?

The software does not allow us to ban people in years, but rather in days and hours. To make things simpler, I just put in 30,000 days

Are you now an atheist?


I see that a year ago, you were participating in many pro-religion debates though you now seem to be an atheist. Were you playing devil's advocate or have you simply been convinced by the lack of evidence?

A mixture of both. Throughout my debating career, I have played both sides of the argument. I have a long history going back 5-6 years of arguing back and forth. I like playing devil's advocate because it helps me get a better understanding of the arguments.

I'm now convinced there's no good evidence for God.

Great question!

How is ELO ranking calculated?

I'm honestly not sure

thoughts on antifa?

I fully support antifa

hello i have a question regarding donating

Shoot me a DM

How'd you become Chief Moderator?

You are appointed to the position.

Do you get flack for being religious but also being on the left?

Thankfully no.