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What's your main priority in life?

I'm still young, so I don't really know. Perhaps my views will come along as I age?

Why do you always do exclusively line-by-line responses in all of your debate rebuttals? Genuinely curious.

I use it as a way to overwhelm my opponent, you could say. Clashing with every line makes sure I've covered everything my opponent has said, and now they have to clash with every line I said.

It's also a filler.

However, I am trying to move away from that, and focusing more on my opponent's main idea.

Most of my things I use on this site I've learned on my own, from actual debates in school.

Why do you have poor taste in pizza toppings? Also, do you have taste buds?

I don't, and yes.

How do you get a girlfriend?

Is that just a question for me or do you genuinely need advice?

I'm also in school btw so I think I might be able to help you out...

What’s your unanswerable question--the question you seem to always be asking yourself?

That's an interesting question, but tbh I don't actually know right now...

From a scale of 1 to glub, how much do you like cephalopods?

I like them, but I'm not obsessed with them

You see an injured insect get caught in a web. The spider is already 10% into spinning it. Let it die harsh and slow, hurt the spider to free the injured-anyway insect? What's your verdict?

Torch everything.

What is a debate you'd struggle emotionally to play devil's advocate on?

That's a good question. I'm not so sure to be honest right now...

How do you feel about getting a bronze medal here?

Well, for me, I'm not really into medals or win/loss ratio, or all that competition stuff. I'm just here to have fun.

But I still do notice those things. Bronze medals are okay for now, seeing how I just started this month. I'm slowly working my way up!

Do you like math or English better?

Math. I consider myself decently skilled in Math