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Why did you choose the profile name, EtrnlVw, what's the story there?

I'd love to say I thought of it, I mean I guess it's mine anyways because it's original to me and something I first used. Eternal View goes back probably 18 years ago around the time my first son was born. I was just starting to put together my own songs including the lyrics, guitar, bass, drums and the whole thing and I was in the process of recording all of them.
But I was inspired to pray over my son a particular way during this time and so I began to do this every night as he fell asleep. I used to get insights about people a lot back then and I would pray accordingly to what I would see. Anyways one night I was praying for my son while he was sleeping and when I finished I stood up and a vision just appeared right smack on the wall I was facing. The room was darkened so it was a very bright scene. I've had visions before but never one this clear and beautiful.

The vision opened up as a clear summer day in what looked to me like some kind of park setting where there was a lake, trees, manicured grass, hills, clouds, the sun, animals within the landscape and even a warm breeze I could see because everything seem to move and act alive and I could see how the water was sparkling as it reflected the sun. The trees were swaying and the whole scene was just like a perfect day in the park lol. As I was looking at the vision here comes two birds flying across towards the top of the sky and they were carrying what looked to me just like a banner, and the banner they were carrying with their bills as they were flying by.
I will never forget this because it was so bright and clear and there written on the banner with bold black letters were the words Eternal View. Once the birds and banner passed through the scene the vision dissipated and I just stood there completely amazed.

Still to this day I have no idea what the words were for exactly or what they were intended to be. I mean It makes sense to me and I love the name and what it stands for but I wonder what it was all about. My first thought was I would use it as a band name, but as time passed I never put together a band and so I began using the letters as a screen name on debate/discussion forums.

The name Eternal View is significant to me because it is my own personal vision that I wish people could have for themselves. When I have discussions about God or creation with others it is my wish they would see reality through an eternal view because that is exactly what and who they are, each soul is an eternal being and to have that understanding is very very significant in more ways than one might think.

Required reading in school, have there been any books that stand out in your memory, if so, why?

Wow that's a good question, I'm a bit older now so much of that is a distant past. School bored me much of the time TBH, and really I didn't read many books as a kid like I do now. I was more of an outdoor enthusiast. Reading was something that only could catch my interest if it was a subject that really fascinated me. I was a very adventuristic kid so stories that were of that genre would be ones that I would remember. As a whole there wasn't a lot of books that were assigned to me so unfortunately I probably wasn't introduced to a variety of books that may have caught my attention. I grew up in the 80's, the story lines of childhood novels were always kind of shallow and irrelevant to life as I experienced it.

I like this question but unfortunately I don't have much of an answer for you because for one I don't remember much of the books I read and two, I don't remember any content that really stood out to me, nothing of importance anyways. I was also more artistic in nature, and bored easily by things like school and reading lol. I might even be doodling on paper during class and drawing pictures for my classmates. Oddly enough I still managed to excel in my classes despite not paying much attention.
The funny thing is that now in my older age the things I once was bored by are intriguing to me now but I'm still very artistic by nature. I paint, draw, sculpt, do the guitar, record music and pretty much any medium I can create with I seem to excel at. Getting me to sit and read an entire novel would be rare TBH, and even more rare as a young kid. I did read a handful of books but as I said they were probably ones that were categorized as adventure books. If I thought about it long enough I may be able to come up with some titles.

On the other hand, I remember being very drawn to the Gospels in the Bible and being fascinated with the Jesus character and would read through those four books or even listen to those old cassette tapes of someone reading them. Being a spiritual kid as well as a young man with a big heart that was a topic that really peaked my interest. I loved the way Jesus interacted with other people in those Gospels, I loved the way he would get people thinking about God and I loved the way he would change the environment around him and I fell in love with that way of viewing the world. Sorry I couldn't be more precise about an answer but if you have any more questions just hit me up.

Which of your five senses would you keep if you could only keep one?

Sorry I never saw this lol.
Ummm great question, and a frightening one too. I'd have to really think about that one. I'd have to go with sight, with touch being a close runner up. I would find it hard to finish up this life never being able to see or touch my children. If I could do one or the other I could probably adjust to it.

I'm asking here because I don't want to derail the thread with Mopac. What are your religious beliefs? Do you belong to or agree with any religion or denomination?

Sorry I never saw this lol. I don't belong to any particular religious organization but there are certain teachings I relate to, certain religions I favor other others. I'm an Omnist regarding religious sources, I study them all to gain useful information and not all information is useful. My beliefs would probably be closely associated with the terms spiritism, spiritualism and spiritual Christianity.
Some of my interest falls into paths of Hinduism, Native American spirituality, Buddhism, Jesus of the Gospels, Eckankar to name a few. Hope that helps.

what makes u interested in religion so much?

Well my interest in religion reflects my interest in God not necessarily religion per say. I'm aware that religions have useful information regarding Theistic insights. But, not everything has to be derived or understood through religion either, it just depends on how much you want to learn.
My interest in God is relevant to my own experiences and observations of life.