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Required reading in school, have there been any books that stand out in your memory, if so, why?

I think this is a very interesting question. Before I begin, I'm not going to list the current physical books in my possession. Although they are somewhat safe (in terms of sedition-related laws here), I do not want to risk my relatives inferring from the books listed that I've been on this site. I'd rather not risk it. Instead, I'll post missing books that I had read in high school.

Kant's Prologomena to Future Metaphysics

This is a weird book; it is my first philosophy book that I've read. I don't want to ramble but I do want to say that I was severely bullied in high school. My only solace at that time was Kant. His book accompanied me during the darkest years of my life. I remember that I held on dearly to his extreme condescension of his critics, Kant seems to think that anyone who doesn't understand the Critique of Pure Reason is not worth saving. I think that's pretty amusing.

C.D. Broad's entire selection of Ethics

C.D. Broad's style of writing is some of the best that I've seen so far. He writes in a way that presumes the audience in the best possible light. In other words, his book left no impression that he "watered-down" his complex ideas. He simply viewed his readers as equal and I think his writing style helps a lot. Most academics are prone to arrogance but I'm glad that C.D Broad is not one of them.

Tom Beauchamp

I've no opinion other than having read him after high school and remembering that I did not understand a single word of his work. I have pdf versions of his books because I used a cheap camera to capture every page and I used it to print them when my school accidentally allowed unlimited pages in their new printing services. Beauchamp's book is not the only book that I illegally took pictures of.

Are there any YouTube channels you've particularly enjoyed in the past or present, If so why?

Well, I'm writing this on-the-spot. I think that's a good question. I'm trying to remember specific details and I could only remember incomplete bits. In the past, I think I watched British QuestionTime and while it wasn't useful, it was a good time filler during my high school years. I tried to watch popular channels (Ted Talks and Self-styled philosophers like CDP Gear or whatever awful names they like to call themselves) but I found them insufferable. I frequented a lot of intellectual forums and never understood their praise. Soon after, I found a particular liking to documentaries that were region-specific. For example, in high school, I watched lots of ethnic conflict videos on Tigray.

Nowadays, I enjoy Lawrence Cahoone's superb explanation of major philosophers, and I regularly watch them to remind myself that smaller and insignificant channels are way better than so called "popular philosophers". Off the top of my head, I enjoy Kagan, Strawson, Guyer and Wolfff. In addition, I've been pirating a ton of Great Courses videos and I've just listened to an entire series on Voltaire. I plan to continue watching but the lure of books keeps me away from actually watching them. I find books incredibly useful, especially since the internet somewhat encourages you to watch popular videos. I would read books for a time and I would use them against youtube sages just to check and see if they've done their homework (whether they've actually read the philosophers). There's a lot of fun activities I can do with books. I just need to avoid prying eyes from my local community. I don't watch documentaries unless I happen to drop into one that I'm already interested in. The only documentary I watched since I left high school was "Women in the Wind: Morocco's Rural Teachers".

Well, I think that's as honest and as expansive as I remember them. Thank you for your question!

MarkWebbetFan? So you are the fan of the Australian Formula One driver?

Haha Yeah I think he's the one. Watched his superb drive back in Monaco 2010, then I got hooked to Webber and F1. I think I stopped watching after his retirement because it was downhill since 2010, but returned this year as a renewed fan.