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Lame. What do you play?

I prefer it, although the difference is marginal. The choice of system has little to do with the system and more to do with what everyone else you know has.

Not playing much atm. The occasional stroll through ESO, or a game of fake poker is all i have time for currently. But if i were to make a list of all stars:

FPS: Doom, titanfall
RPG: Elder Scrolls, WoD, D&D
MOBA: Battleborn (severly undervalued lite MOBA)
Fighters: early Marvel vs Capcom, Soul Calibur (not 5), Smash Brothers
Board: everything from monopoly to chess
Card: Magic the gathering, Texas Holdem

A liberal gamer, eh? I'm guessing you have a PlayStation. Am I right?


What’s the best thing that ever happened to you?

Moving out with my wife.

The combination of freedom, and good support was life changing.

What is your stance on flat earth theory?

It is a theory strictly in the colloquial sense. It is completely illogical, with evidences contadicting each other. Flights on airplanes trying to debunk curvature show a sun of the same size as from the ground. If it was closer and smaller, it would seem bigger as you got closer to it. Its clearly very far. Same with how the moon follows you as you drive.

And the lunar vs solar eclipse paradox seals it fate.

The space model fits all observations and perfectly predicts future events with zero contradictions. In my view, its not even close. It may seem fantastical due to the perceived truism of the concept of down, but logic can go down many paths, and only evidence free of preconceptions can point one to only truth.

Are you more of a pirate or a ninja and why?

I would say ninja by skill and trade. Observation, assessment are part of my profession, and im pretty good at being stealthy. But definitely a pirate in spirit. Less protocols, more fun and freedom. Although i assume i suck in direct combat.