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Are there any YouTube channels you've particularly enjoyed in the past or present, If so why?

I've enjoyed watching Warzone streamers/creators. Bc i know this game is hard and frustrating. But these demon's still slay and that's awesome.

In schools required reading, have there been any books or stories, that stand out in your memory, if so, why?

Absolutely nothing. School books taught me zero that i would say i even remember today. I'm really trying hard to remember, but i'm coming up with nothing. This is going to sound a little arrogant.. but everything i heard in school i already knew. When it comes to life that is... math, science etc... i just don't remember. Really a waste of time. I had to dive deep into concepts, debate them, rethink them, and repeat... by myself. That's when i started growing and learning. Religion is where i started, and i remember opening the Bible to a random page... it was The Parable of the Talents. I absolutely interpreted wrong, but how i read it was to use my talents, and get more, to be better and better for the world. So, that's what i've been doing. I'm not religious, but i got beliefs, so i put canary yellow diamonds in my Jesus piece... rap lyrics. School introduces you to learning in a negative way imho... it all comes down to the person and when they are ready to open their minds... if it ever happens. I guess some ppl are forever npc's

How would you say your occupation in the law, has effected your perceptions and reactions to the world?

Money wins

What was your most interesting dream?

This is a long answer bc these dreams spanned a couple of years. I use to get a re-occurring nightmare. The first time i had the nightmare was the most intense. I walked into my room and it went pitch black. Then, i saw a little red dot in the distance. When i went to focus on the dot... it suddenly grew into a large red eye (think of lord of the rings... similar to sauron's eye)... and actually, quite similarly to the movie (this is before the movie btw), i went fetal position all due to the fear. The eye poured every negative emotion you can think of into me. It was so intense that i woke up with all the negative emotions still in me, and uncontrollably cried for a few minutes until i got it under control.

After that first dream, it started manifesting itself into a demon like figure. It would show up in random dreams unexpected. For instance i would be at a fair with friends and all the sudden i'd notice a person with deep red eyes starring at me in the distance and i'd know it was that same eye and be afraid.

After like four of these dreams, i started fighting back. Well, "started" as in the beginning i started being able to at least speak a couple words like "who are you" ... and "why are you doing this" ... since every time it scared me to the point of not being able to speak. I remember only one time it told me its name... and out of a a total of like 8 or 9 of these dreams, that's the only thing it ever said. I "thankfully" yet regretfully forgot the name... i'd be interested in looking it up.

These dreams ended even weirder. A few years into this i learned about lucid dreaming... (and btw, these dreams spanned from the first time i saw it at like 16 years old up to the last time 26 years old so i never thought of them or knew when i would encounter it). Anyways, i did some really cool lucid dreams... which would have probably been shorter if i told you about one of them being a pretty cool dream too bc i walked out of my body but i digress. So in one specific dream i became lucid, i was playing a video game in like a friends hang out type environment. There was a person sitting next to me playing the game with me when i realized... hey, i'm dreaming. So, i got up and tried to change the dream into something more "erotic" lol. But as i was trying, i noticed out of the corner of my eye the person that was sitting next to me slowly put the game controller down, then slowly started walking towards me. Then, it got in my face just staring at me... so, i was thinking "disappear - this is my dream now" As soon as i thought that, the person's eyes rolled backwards and turned red, it got a smile that looked like a human demon equivalent of the cats smile from Alice in Wonderland, and i instantly knew its the demon. But... since i was lucid this time... i turned a couch into quick sand, dropped him into it, and sealed it with (what i imagined) an inescapable metal.

Here is a couple more interesting correlations with this dream. The last one is the last time i've had it (when i sealed it), but most interestingly, i realized the demon was me. I struggled with a drug addiction during those same times i had this "demon." One day i overdosed. When i got home all i could think about is "how can i stop taking these drugs." Then, all the sudden i realized this demon has been warning me about this drug for a long time. The first time i saw it... the negative fear/emotions it poured into me was exactly like my withdrawals. This realization was almost like a voice in my head and i also had a fuzzy feeling hit me that i've only felt one other time (another crazy experience)... almost like something went into me. When i realized i've been fighting this addiction even before the addiction, and started fighting back the demon when i started fighting the addiction back... and finally when i got sober was when i had the last sealing dream... it all made sense and i've been sober since.

So as a whole... i would say these dream(s) are the most interesting dreams i've ever had due to significance and just freaky wtf is going on-ness. Anyways, excuse typos and any other grammatical error... had to type this fast. Thanks for the interesting question... i like this one.

What kind of music is your favourite?

I would say top three: Hip/hop/rap / EDM genres / Metal/rock.